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White Ribbon Campaign Announces 'Respectful Relationships' Theme

August 20, 2015 at 5:00 PM

*From the NZ Family Violence Clearinghouse*

White Ribbon has announced that its 2015 campaign will focus on respectful relationships.

White Ribbon says "'Respectful relationships' is a simple description of the positive behaviour we want to be normal for everyone, instead of men’s violence against women being too often an everyday occurrence." The campaign will also promote consent as significant aspect of respectful relationships, targeting sexual violence.

The campaign will continue to use its key strategy of men role-modelling good behaviour and challenging other men who use violence. The campaign will also include a theme of promoting flexible behaviour. White Ribbon says, "A man holding rigid views on what it means to be a man, or how a woman should behave, is at risk of being violent toward women, especially if he feels his views are threatened. Encouraging men to behave more flexibly, and not limiting them to only doing 'manly' things, will help prevent violence."

The approach will involve:

  • "showing positive examples of equitable, respectful behaviour;
  • strengthening current non-violent actions, attitudes and values; and
  • providing a safe environment and framing discussion in terms of men’s responsibility."

White Ribbon held two public workshops with experts, social services, interested organisations and government departments as well as a number of smaller workshops to begin developing the respectful relationships campaign. The workshop presentation Connecting with men - Ideas for White Ribbon 2015 by Garth Baker is available online.

If you would like to be involved in this year's White Ribbon Campaign in Waitakere please contact

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