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Weekly Media Roundup

April 19, 2024 at 1:27 PM

NZ Herald: Farzana Yaqubi murder: Damning report says police’s stalking allegations matrix ‘not fit-for-purpose’

The independent police watchdog says the matrix police use to assess allegations of stalking is “not fit-for-purpose” after an Auckland student was murdered eight weeks after reporting concerns she was being harassed.

It has also been revealed police failed to link the student’s complaint about the man with another complaint from a “young girl” who alleged he was also threatening her.

AUT law student Farzana Yaqubi, 21, was murdered in December 2022 by Kanwarpal Singh, who was sentenced to 17 years in prison after pleading guilty to murder.

The Herald on Sunday revealed she had gone to police with concerns that she was being harassed two months before she was murdered.

Since the revelations, four political parties pledged to strengthen legal protections against stalking and harassment.



1 News: Labour MP to take proposed members' bill on stalking to caucus

Labour police spokesperson Ginny Andersen is proposing to introduce a members' bill to include stalking as an offence to caucus "as soon as possible."



RNZ: Calls to make stalking a crime after Faranza Yaqubi's murder



Newsroom: Restored: the Newsroom story the Crown and court didn’t want you to see – ‘Two wrongs don’t make a right’

Finally, after a three-year legal fight, Newsroom can again show you the sad tale of four young children who were victims of a ‘reverse uplift’. Here is the report by Melanie Reid and Bonnie Sumner that had to be removed under court order



Stuff: Newsable: Pets being allowed in rentals could help family violence victims escape

Women’s Refuge research shows 53% of women in violent relationships delay leaving because they are scared for the safety of pets in their household.

But, 73% said they would leave sooner if there was another place for their pets to go.

Julie Chapman from Pet Refuge, an initiative providing temporary shelter for New Zealand pets while owners escape abuse, told Newsable the Government’s pet bonds policy, announced on Monday, could help.



RNZ: Job cuts at Oranga Tamariki hit more than 400 roles

More than 400 jobs are likely to go at Oranga Tamariki, with the evidence centre proposed to be significantly impacted, RNZ understands.

The evidence centre produces research evaluation, analytics and insights about tamariki, rangatahi, their whānau and the work of Oranga Tamariki.

In total, possibly a third of roles could be affected - possibly changed or disestablished.



Stuff: Mental Health Foundation laying off 18% of staff, other charities also facing cuts

  • The Mental Health Foundation plans to cut 18% of its workforce.
  • Other NGOs have also warned they’re likely to need to lay-off staff, as ministries look to freeze and cutback on funding.
  • The foundation says its Government contracts were not keeping pace with rising costs.

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Newshub: Government axing relationship and sexuality guidelines in schools taking New Zealand 'back to the stone age' - Mental Health Foundation

A mental health advocate says the Government's plans to wind back relationship and sexuality guidelines in schools is taking Aotearoa "back to the stone age". 

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The Spinoff: How The Lost Boys of Dilworth brought a ‘horrendous nightmare’ to life

Alex Casey talks to the makers of TVNZ’s new docudrama retelling the stories of Dilworth survivors. 

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NZ Herald: Hamilton man rips partner’s mouth open, breaks jaw, in haunting night of violence

Warning: This story contains disturbing details about family violence

During a torturous and prolonged night of violence, William James Whata held his partner down and shoved his fist down her throat with such force that he broke her jaw.

The attack came after the 48-year-old had tried strangling his partner multiple times. By the time emergency services arrived, the woman was discovered with numerous injuries including visible damage to her jaw.

Now, Whata has been jailed for the violence which started when he went around to the victim’s property on March 4, 2023, despite having been issued a five-day police safety order.


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