WAVES Family Violence Network

WAVES Trust is the network organisation providing over 50 NGO and government agencies with networking and collaboration opportunities.

Why have a family violence network? 

FV networks are a part of international good practice in responding to family violence.  Networks function to bring the community and the family violence sector into conversation, they promote inter-agency communication, collaboration, information-sharing and aim to strengthen cross-agency, cross-sector referral pathways. 

For more information about how networks work read 'About Family Violence Networks in NZ' produced by Sheryl Hann from the Campaign for Action on Family Violence, March 2010.

Why work with WAVES Trust?

Network with over 50 Waitakere agencies and other Auckland and national organisations

Receive e-updates about family and sexual violence news and events from Waitakere, Auckland, and elsewhere

Receive support and/or training from our skilled team walletcard.png

Participate in the development of local violence prevention campaigns

Help identify service gaps within the sector and contribute to projects addressing these

Find out more about family violence research from New Zealand and around the world.

Access to our library of family violence research, information and to local and national resources

Contribute to the development of submissions to local and national government on matters affecting the family violence sector