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Weekly Media Roundup

September 03, 2015 at 1:54 PM

Is public forgiveness possible for men accused of violence against women? - Guardian

Lately a few men in the public eye – Dr Dre, Josh Duggar, Ray Rice – have said sorry, but it’s tough to tell real apologies from attempts to save reputations.



Man accused of murdering 6 month old:

Michael Te Kouarehu Kereopa, 31, appeared in the Porirua District Court today, where a charge of assaulting a child was upgraded to murder, and name supression was lifted.

Kereopa is accused of causing the death of six-month old Gracie May McSorley in July this year. Police said the child died as a result of severe head injuries, which Kereopa had claimed was due to an accidental fall.



Australian NGOs want Nauru Senate inquiry taken further:

The peak body for Australia's aid NGOs says a Senate inquiry into conditions at the asylum seeker detention centre on Nauru needs to be taken further, and an independent inquiry conducted.

The Senate Committee's scathing 132-page report says the centre is not well run, and that the Australian government should speed up the removal of children and move towards a more open centre.



Court rules changed to support information sharing:

Justice Minister Amy Adams has announced new information sharing rules between family and criminal courts as a part of the Government’s work to help reduce the harm caused by family violence.

The new rules allow judges to access more information, including affidavits, victim impact statements, and summaries of facts from family violence proceedings that weren’t previously easily available to them.


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Artist transforms domestic violence scars into beautiful tatoos:

An artist in Brazil is helping to change the lives of domestic violence survivors in a powerful way, covering up their physical scars with beautiful tattoos. 

Flavia Carvalho, an inker from the southern city of Curitiba, has dubbed the project A Pele Da Flor (The Skin Of The Flower), a reference to a Portuguese expression that means "deeper than skin". The service is voluntary, with Carvalho providing the tattoo work for free.



Blood-covered murder acused was 'proud' of killing:

An Auckland man who stabbed his partner to death told the dead woman's niece "you are too late, she is no more", a court has heard

Taxi driver Jiwan Ram,63, is on trial accused of murdering Bimla Wati in November last year. 

Wati, 47, was found dead at her Mt Wellington home after suffering six deep stab wounds. 



Neighbour carries out first aid on stabbing victim:

A neighbour of a Hamilton man stabbed multiple times after an apparent drunken domestic carried out first aid on the victim until emergency services arrived.

Detective Senior Sergeant Ross Patterson of the Hamilton CIB said emergency services were called to the scene of an alcohol related domestic stabbing on Victoria St about 11.30pm.



How we raised a killer:

Special investigation: The 13-year-old boy who killed Henderson dairy owner Arun Kumar was a social timebomb just waiting to explode. Today the Weekend Herald reveals his horrific past - and how our social service agencies repeatedly failed to take steps which could have saved him and Mr Kumar.



Kiwis play a helping hand in new PNG helpline:

Papua New Guinea has high domestic and sexual violence statistics, with nearly two thirds of all women experiencing violence at some point in their lives. New Zealanders have had a hand in launching a sexual violence helpline this month, reports Asia-Pacific Journalism.



Annemarie Quill: Children's rights must come first:

IT'S been a grim week for reading about child abuse. Today, Rod Vaughan's interview with Homes of Hope chief executive Hillary Price is a glimmer of hope, locally, about what can be achieved to support abused and neglected children but unfortunately is a drop in the ocean given the massive problem New Zealand has.



More support needed to help kids in need, says Children's Commissioner:

Caregivers need more money, training and ongoing support than they're currently getting, the Children's Commissioner says, in the wake of two damning reviews into children in state care this week.



Address underlying causes of child neglect and abuse - CPAG:

The Child Poverty Action Group says the Government must address the underlying causes of child abuse and neglect to keep children safe in our communities.

A 2013 CPAG report - Child Abuse: What role does poverty play? identified poverty as a key risk factor for child neglect and maltreatment.



Protection orders should have expiry- MPs:

Protection orders should have an expiry date, MPs have recommended.

The Government is overhauling domestic violence laws and Justice Minister Amy Adams won't rule out adopting the proposal.

But barrister and and anti-domestic violence campaigner Catriona MacLennan says implementing a sunset clause is a "terrible idea" and a "backward step."


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