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Weekly Media Roundup

July 16, 2015 at 10:20 AM

Residency issues playing increasing role in family violence:

Men are increasingly using residency threats to control partners in abusive relationships, an ethnic women's refuge says.

Women the refuge had supported had endured slapping, strangulation and punching. In one case, a woman had a burning clothes iron placed on her thigh.

They are told if they complain to authorities, they will be deported, advocates say.



Hui inspires men to change domestic violence attitudes:

New ideas, strategies and opportunities for building a safe network for men to seek help in changing their violent behaviour, were a few of the outcomes achieved at a recent anti-domestic violence weekend hui for men.

The 'A Call to Men' event at Huntly's Waahi Pa Marae, attracted  dozens of men from throughout the country to take a stand against family violence.



Man appears in court over death of baby:

A 22-year-old man charged with the murder of a 15-month-old Christchurch toddler has 24 hours to tell his parents of his predicament before he can be publicly identified.

The man from the Redwood suburb is accused of assaulting and killing Ihaka Paora Braxton Stokes on July 3.



Family violence - it's time to count the cost:

This month that minister, Fiona Richardson, made a whistle-stop tour of New Zealand because, apparently, there are things Victoria can learn from us when it comes to family violence.



Auckland Council community development staff numbers reduced:

Auckland Council's family violence and disability specialists may lose their jobs in a plan to slash the council's community development staff by almost a quarter.

The plan, called "Empowered Communities", will reduce community development and safety staff from 101 to 78 fulltime-equivalents to cut costs by $1.6 million this year and $2 million a year in future years.



Gender inequality the root cause of inequality against women:

The Fiji Women's Crisis Centre says gender equality must be promoted at all levels, if violence against women is to be combatted.



ACC sexual violence pilot receives mixed grade:

A million-dollar programme aimed at preventing sexual violence among teens has had mixed results, with teacher concerns about inappropriate material and instructors who struggled to control pupils.

The ACC designed and funded programme, dubbed "Mates & Dates", attempts to use interactive teaching methods such as the dissection of controversial Robin Thicke music video Blurred Lines rather than traditional methods.



AKL housing at 'crisis point':

Data from the 2013 Census shows about 4,000 people are living in shacks, garages and cars and just over half of them are working.

The manager of the Ōtāhūhū Budgeting Service, Lesley Matia, said 99 percent of her clients, which number in the hundreds, are having problems being able to afford housing.


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