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Weekly Media Roundup

June 11, 2015 at 8:11 AM

Women of influence: Leslie Elliot reached out to those in abusive relationships:

Facing her greatest challenge made Lesley Elliott one of New Zealand's most influential women, helping her to reach out to those in abusive relationships.

The mother of Sophie Elliott, who was killed seven years ago by ex-boyfriend Clayton Weatherston, was last year's overall winner of the Women of Influence awards. Nominees are now being sought for this year's awards.

Presented by Westpac and Fairfax Media, the awards acknowledge and celebrate women who are helping to shape the future of the country.



Effective depiction of domestic violence:

REVIEW: Not in Our Neighbourhood, written and directed by Jamie McCaskill.

Bats Theatre, Wellington until June 13

Over the years I have seen three or four plays designed to promote awareness of the blight that disfigures our society: domestic violence against women.

None that I can remember has been quite as effective theatrically as Jamie McCaskill's Not in Our Neighbourhood. There is truthfulness in the way this hour-long play unfolds, with its occasional touches of humour in the characterisations, while the violence presented is verbal violence in one short, intensely dramatic and powerfully performed scene by Paul McLaughlin.



Noor Ellis jailed for killing New ZEaland businessman husband:

The Australian family of murdered businessman Robert Ellis is in shock at the 12-year sentence handed down to his wife, who ordered the Bali hit.

Perth students John and Peter Ellis had prepared themselves for their mother Noor Ellis, 45, to go to prison for 15 years as prosecutors had recommended, for planning the murder of Robert Ellis.



MSD Media Release: Transition Planning underway for Relationships Aotearoa Clients Underway:

09 June 2015.

Social Development Ministry Deputy Chief Executive Murray Edridge is confident that Relationships Aotearoa clients will be well served with Stand and other providers supporting the transition. 

“Stand, Lifeline and Vitae are reputable and experienced counselling service providers and between the three agencies can deliver appropriate services to RA clients including family violence and trauma counselling.  Barnardos and Family Works while not actively involved at this stage remain on hand if needed,” says Mr Edridge. 



Baby had both arms broken, left in pain by carers:

A 10-month-old baby who suffered broken arms was left in pain and anguish by his carers, a Dunedin judge said yesterday.

The baby's mother and her partner did not seek medical attention for him despite his obvious suffering, Judge Kevin Phillips said.



Auckland man denies killing partner:

A man accused of stabbing his partner to death after she had finished an exam has denied the allegations.

Mandeep Singh appeared in the High Court at Auckland this morning after being charged with murder and attempted murder.

Parmita Rani, 22, died following the incident at AWI International Education Group building on Queen St last month, where it is understood the Manurewa woman had just sat an exam.



Man cast adrift by state at 17 calls for extended care:

Tupua Urlich was just 17 when the state ended its care for him.

Unlike other young people in the same position, Mr Urlich could live with family - although that didn't work out.

"We don't grow up with our parents our whole lives, therefore they are strangers. And to put us back there at 17 - they didn't want us when we were 5, or 6, or 7. Why are they going to want us at 17?



Tape used to blackmail woman into sex court told:

An Auckland man forced a woman into sex after their relationship had ended by threatening to publicise a homemade sex tape, a court has heard.

Shaoke "Andy" Qi, 31, is on trial at Auckland District Court facing two counts of inducing sexual connection by making threats.



Argentinian Congress considers making street harassment a crime:

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) " When she left her house each day, Aixa Rizzo would brace for a barrage of sexually laden comments from male electricians working on a project in her neighborhood.

It started with under-the-breath remarks, applause and whistles, but over several weeks developed into vulgarities about her body and chants about sexual fantasies. One day, three of the men followed her, prompting Rizzo to turn around and shower them with pepper spray. The men swore at her and told her she was crazy, but they ultimately walked away.




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