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Weekly Media Roundup

February 26, 2015 at 11:22 AM

The Cost of Domestic Violence: Radio New Zealand Insight 22 Feb

All of those involved in tackling domestic violence believe this social blight is costing New Zealand dearly.

As an Insight investigation has been finding out, the high levels of aggression within New Zealand families are resulting in on average in 29 deaths every year, and up to half of all police time is taken up dealing with domestic violence.

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Amnesty wants more refugees to New Zealand:

Human rights organisation Amnesty International is urging New Zealand to increase its intake of refugees from strife-torn countries.

The organisation, which released its annual report today, said New Zealand's pledge to allow 100 Syrians fleeing the conflict to settle here was inadequate.



Badly bruised child sent to school wearing t-shirt proclaiming 'good woopin':

The child arrived at a Florida school with bruises all over. But it was the T-shirt the child was wearing on that gave it away.

"I currently have all F's in all of my classes. I am not aloud to have a boyfriend no time soon," the shirt read. "So back off before I get another good woopin (sic) like I got last night."

That attempt at public shaming led to the Friday arrest of Melany Joyce Alexander, 31, who was charged with child abuse. She posted a US$2500 (NZ$3314) bond a day later.



Steenkamp story to be told in NZ:

June Steenkamp to speak at domestic violence charity dinner

Her daughter was shot dead on Valentine’s Day 2013 by one of the world’s most famous athletes.

Now June Steenkamp - the mother of Reeva Steenkamp - is coming to New Zealand to share her experience of the effects of domestic violence.

Mrs Steenkamp is the primary guest speaker at a black tie dinner in Auckland to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Shine.



Girl's family assaults her for secxret sleepover:

Several members of a family joined in assaulting a 14-year-old girl who had slept overnight at a friend's house without telling the family.

The girl's mother appeared before the Christchurch District Court today charged with assault for beating the girl.

With the help of an interpreter, and defence counsel Anya Gartner, the 37-year-old woman pleaded guilty before Judge David Saunders.



NFL prospect wants to be a domestic violence advocate:

INDIANAPOLIS — Raised mostly by women in the foster system, Louisville linebacker Lorenzo Mauldin developed a deep respect for women. 

He never had a real father figure with an absent father and his mother's battle with alcoholism caused Mauldin to bounce between 16 homes before he was 18. His upbringing, he says, has had a big impact on how he views women.



Family violence requires a collaborative approach:

White Ribbon Chair, Judge Peter Boshier, has applauded the decision of the New Zealand Police to engage further with experts.

“Working collaboratively is at the heart of how White Ribbon operates,” says Judge Boshier. “By tapping into experts who sit outside your organisation, you can significantly enhance your knowledge and understanding of an issue, and as an added bonus receive free and frank advice.



Government to push for private sector providers - English:

Finance Minister Bill English has signalled a move to 'cost-benefit' analysis of some Budget social spending, putting a dollar value on the costs and benefits of a decision.

There would also be a greater push for private sector providers of public services, he said.

Speaking to a meeting of the Institute of Public Administration, English said the Government was exploring ways to test departmental bids against external providers "who might find it easier to offer services for families and communities".


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