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Weekly Media Roundup

May 07, 2014 at 7:24 PM

Another big week in the news...


Maurice Williamson Sacked as Minister:

Maurice Williamson has lost his Ministerial portfolios following evidence that he attempted to influence the course of justice in relation to a domestic violence charge against a wealthy chinese businessman. While the media has been quick to highlight the absolute lack of judgement on Maurice Williamson's part with regards to contacting the police about this matter, there has been less focus on the issues around domestic violence. Williamson's actions in attempting to prevent police prosecution of Donghua Liu shows a lack of concern about the serious nature of the charges laid and suggests that domestic violence is still not taken seriously by our leaders. 

Govt vulnerable on allegations of corruption and cronyism

Crossing the thin blue line


Its not ok to underfund services:

In recent years, the government has done excellent work to break down the stigma surrounding domestic violence, bringing one of New Zealand's most pressing social issues into the light and empowering victims to seek help.

The only problem is, funding for the support services set up to help them has not matched the increased numbers of victims turning up on their doorstep.

Its not ok to underfund services


More evidence of the impact of domestic violence in the workplace:

Research completed by Auckland University Public Health masters student Margaret Thomas finds that workers who are harassed, stalked and subjected to violence by abusive partners bring that trauma to work with them, costing industry hundreds of millions of dollars in lost productivity.

Domestic abuse costs millions in lost productivity

Concerns that experts' report on family violence buried:

Concerns have been raised about the fate of a report by the independent Expert Advisory Group on Family Violence brought together by the Government in 2013.

Concerns that experts' report buried


Prevention Still Crucial:

Underfunded sexual violence support services are welcoming the government's pledge to invest an extra $10 million in the sector but still have queries about how the money will be spent.

 Does anyone in this article look familiar??

Prevention still crucial


Konrad Hurrell fined for sex video released through social media:

Under-fire Warriors centre Konrad Hurrell has apologised to his club, family and fans after a video showing him involved in a sex act appeared on social media.

 Another example of poor role modelling and concerning use of social media. Although the act was between consenting 'adults', the use of social media to distribute sexual material continues to be an area of concern, particularly in light of the Roastbusters case. 

Konrad Hurrell fined for sex video


Enough is Enough:

Enough is Enough is a 27 min documentary in memory of Patricia Ann (WOWO) McGrath who died as a result of an act of violence in January 2013. A true representation of the loss and hurt family violence causes a family, friends and the community.

You can watch this here

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