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Weekly Media Roundup

March 15, 2024 at 3:15 PM

RNZ: 'Need to break' cultural taboos for survivors of abuse in NZ state care

A new service for survivors of abuse in New Zealand state care is aiming to break cultures of shame by providing people an outlet to share their stories.

The launch of Survivors Experiences Service follows a high-level inquiry into abuse in state and faith-based care.

Through the Abuse in Care Royal Commission of Inquiry, a number of survivors expressed their need for a service to share their experiences, between the closure of the Royal Commission and the time when a new, independent redress system is established.

Many survivors were Pasifika, Māori and disabled people.

The service provides fully accessible short-term support for survivors to help them share their experiences - before, during and after sessions - with referrals to other support services where needed.

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NZ Herald: Paige Tutemahurangi death: Jury finds Hamilton man Richard Coburn guilty of manslaughter

WARNING: This story contains details of domestic abuse

man who beat his partner to death then cleaned the blood off her, changed her clothes, hugged and apologised to her before calling 111, has been cleared of her murder and instead found guilty of manslaughter.

Richard Mathew Coburn, 26, has been on trial in the High Court at Hamilton this week fighting a murder charge after killing his partner, Paige Tutemahurangi, in their Kahikatea Drive home on July 1 last year.

While Coburn admitted killing his partner, his counsel Roger Laybourn submitted that Coburn was guilty of manslaughter, rather than murder, as he didn’t know his punches would result in her death.

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RNZ: 'Enough is enough': Making streets safe for young women

Warning: This story contains mentions of sexual harrassment and rape.

A 15-year-old girl followed, scratched, and yelled at. Told by a man on the street that he wanted to rape her and her friends.

Every other day, walking to and from Wellington's CBD, women catcalled.

At 5pm, a woman leaves her corporate job, hears "nice big boobs, let me touch them".

A man masturbating in broad daylight, leering at two females.

When Gabrielle Ralph's teenage daughters experienced harassment on Wellington's streets in broad daylight, she thought enough is enough.


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