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Weekly Media Roundup

October 27, 2023 at 2:46 PM

Stuff: Baby taken to hospital 12 hours after he was injured; died from blunt force trauma – police

Police have revealed Ruthless-Empire was killed by blunt force trauma and was injured twelve hours before he was taken to hospital.

The boy died just days away from his second birthday after he was taken to Hutt Hospital in Wellington on Sunday in an unresponsive state at 10.30am.

Previously, police said the death was unexplained, but speaking at a media conference in Wellington on Thursday afternoon, Detective Inspector Nick Pritchard said ‘Ru’ had died from his injuries.

Ru also had a number of other injuries at the time of his death, he said.



Stuff: Person connected to toddler homicide inquiry facing violence charges



1 News: Police say level of violence that killed Baby Ru 'difficult to fathom'



NZ Herald: Ruthless-Empire death: Wellington toddler who family claim had baby wipe in mouth was ‘murdered’, mother says



RNZ: Jehovah's Witness' bid to be excluded from abuse inquiry dismissed

A legal bid by the Jehovah's Witness church to get out of being part of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care has been dismissed by the High Court in Wellington.

After nearly three years of behind-the-scenes legal wrangling to avoid scrutiny from the Inquiry, the church applied for a judicial review in June.



NZ Herald: Sex crime survivor seeks apology after TVNZ’s Sunday show ‘off the record’ footage used by abusers in court defence

A survivor of sexual abuse is waiting for an apology from TVNZ after it provided “off the record” material to defendants in a sexual offending case who then used it to try to undermine her in court.

It comes as an internal TVNZ email has emerged showing a “commitment” was made by the state broadcaster to sexual abuse survivor Erin Leighton that it would appeal to higher courts to keep the material private – but that it then decided not to do so.

It was a decision that led to veteran Sunday current affairs journalist Chris Cooke quitting TVNZ on a point of principle, saying it should have kept its word and it had imperilled journalism by failing to do so.



RNZ: Former student who was sexually groomed wants ban on teachers contacting pupils via social media

Warning: This article contains details that some may find distressing

A former student who was groomed and sexually abused by her teacher wants teachers banned from talking to students on social media.

Social media apps such as Snapchat and Facetime were significant factors leading to Helena Dray being groomed by her teacher Taurapa at Rangi Ruru School in Christchurch when she was 16.

She was part of a Snapchat group with a few other students which was initially for their Te Reo Māori class, until Taurapa started messaging her privately.

This led to her being pressured into sending nude images and videos of herself, followed by performing sexual acts on him, in secluded areas.

The now 21-year-old says there were no measures in place to stop students from connecting with teachers online.



NZ Herald: New Zealand girl raped by stepfather in Australia declined ACC cover for mental injury

WARNING: This story contains details of sexual abuse that may be distressing

A young New Zealand girl who was raped by her stepfather in Australia for several years has been denied taxpayer-funded therapy as an adult because the abuse didn’t happen on home soil and she lived overseas at the time.

The victim, now 42, has suffered ill mental health for much of her life due to the sexual abuse she endured as a child.

She has made multiple attempts on her life and was admitted to an inpatient mental health unit in her early 20s.

In 2019, the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) accepted the woman’s application for funded therapy sessions - but several months later it backpedalled.

Now the woman, whose name is suppressed, has turned to the District Court to appeal against ACC’s decision to deny her the cover.


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