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Weekly Media Round up

March 24, 2016 at 12:26 PM

Youngest burglars aged nine:

Two 9-year-old burglars are among the youngest children to have a brush with the law in Wellington.

The pair from the Kapiti-Mana district were the youngest of 50 aged 11 and under to come to police attention in the Wellington region in 2015.

The figures released by police under the Official Information Act showed more than half were in trouble for burglary, theft and shoplifting. Another 16 had caused damage to property, including arson.

One 10-year-old in the Wairarapa indecently assaulted a male older than 16, and another 10-year-old in Wellington behaved threateningly with a "stabbing weapon".



NZME slams two radio stars for 'abusing women' but promotes Tony Veitch, who has a domestic violence record:

The New Zealand Herald blasted two radio stars yesterday for "abusing women", just a day after announcing Tony Veitch, who has a criminal conviction for domestic violence against a woman, will front the publication’s new daily video news show. 



'Bit of violence' man hits back at Paula Bennett over Wicked Campers row:

The man Associate Tourism Minister Paula Bennett has called out for his comment on the Wicked Campers issue has responded and he is not happy. 

John Lehmann has called Bennett's actions "absolutely disgusting".

He said that Bennett had quoted him out of context, so people had not understood he was joking. 



61 little names on New Zealand's roll of dishonour:

Sixty-one. It's the number of children who have died as a result of non-accidental injuries in New Zealand in the last 10 years.

Their names are scars on a shameful landscape of child abuse - Chris and Cru Kahui who would have turned 10 today, Nia Glassie, JJ Ruhe-Lawrence, Jyniah Te Awa.

Thirty-one of those young ones were violently assaulted. They were kicked, punched, thrown, stomped or bashed to the point of death.

New Zealand has the fifth worst child abuse record out of 31 OECD countries and on average a child is killed here every five weeks.



Kahui tragedy: 'When he took his final breath, he smiled':

wo schoolboys walk along the footpath in Mangere. They are about 10 years old, give or take a few months. They chat animatedly and laugh and one jumps on to the other's back.

They scuffle a bit - in that boisterous-but-matey way boys do - and carry on walking.

Down the road are two other little boys. They, too, would be about 10 years old. But these two never made it to their first birthday.



Wealth is no protection against domestic violence:

More than half the women approaching the Women's Refuge for help are from middle to upper income brackets, Mid South Island Women's Refuge and Family Safety Service manager Dawn Rangi-Smith says.

This development follows a more than 150 per cent increase in the number of self referrals over the past three years, which could be an indication of increased awareness of the service.



Men's network aims to change lives:

Kerry Babbage and James Kemp are on a mission to save local men.

The presenters from the Hamilton based Mates Men's Network, which aims to reach out and support men in finding direction and purpose in their lives through male role models, want to reach out to men in Taupo.

It's no secret family violence incidents involving men as the perpetrators are high in Taupo.

Babbage said this can largely be put down to them not knowing how to deal with crisis.

"What we tend to see usually is sadly a mere reflection of how men tend to deal with relationship breakdowns, financial losses and depression," he said.



Domestic violence doubled after Valentines Day quake:

Police callouts for domestic violence doubled after Canterbury's Valentines Day earthquake - raising concerns about a trend of at-home violence following big aftershocks.

The stress created by the 5.7-magnitude aftershock and an increase in mental health problems since the deadly 2011 earthquake are blamed for a sharp rise in partner abuse.

Superintendent Lane Todd, of the Christchurch police, said in previous years they received 20 to 26 calls over a three to four day period around February 14 -  that doubled to 53 callouts after last month's earthquake.










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