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Weekly Media Round up

March 17, 2016 at 3:36 PM

Keynote address to UN Human Rights Council:

Speech – New Zealand Government

It is an honour to be here this morning as the first New Zealand Minister to present to the Human Rights Council.Hon Amy Adams
Minister of Justice

14 March 2016

Keynote address to UN Human Rights Council

31st Session, Human Rights Council,
United Nations, Geneva
(Delivered 11.45am, local Geneva time)

Thank you, Mr President,

It is an honour to be here this morning as the first New Zealand Minister to present to the Human Rights Council.


Round-the-clock emergency support for DV victims:

Tunstall Healthcare, Australasia’s leading connected care provider, has collaborated with Women’s Refuge New Zealand to expand support to women affected by family violence through a customised 24-hour emergency monitoring service.

The Women’s Refuge Whanau Protect National Home Safety Service provides nationwide support and resources for family violence victims to continue to live in their own homes, free from violence.



Domestic violence: children need to know it isn't about them:

OPINION: Every parent's natural instinct is to protect their child. I think most parents try to hide domestic violence from kids — ensure the fighting happens in another room or once the kids are in bed — and hope that is protection enough.

Kids notice violence, even kids who are very young. A child can recognise an atmospheric shift in the home and feel the tension. They know when something scary is about to happen, they can feel that change in the pit of their stomach, much like an adult abuse victim does.


Defence aims to tackle 'sexist' culture:

A rape victim who pushed for changes to the way the New Zealand Defence Force deals with sexual complaints wants them dealt with outside of the services.

The Defence Force yesterday unveiled Operation Respect, its plan for reducing sexual violence within the armed forces, after two years of research by rape and family violence specialist Dr Kim McGregor.

Karina Andrews had her statutory name suppression lifted so that she could speak out about the sexual abuse her father, a former air force sergeant, committed.



Two new public service targets to measure family violence and public violence:

Two new measures to record incidents of violence in private and public settings, have been set by the Government in its latest release of public service results. 

It comes as the latest release of figures shows a stagnation in some areas of crime, and a small spike in violent crime, between last year's June and September quarters.


Women’s Refuge comments on Government's plans to measure:

“Measuring violence within the home is an important step in quantifying domestic and family violence in this country,” says Women’s Refuge Chief Executive Dr Ang Jury.

Dr Jury is commenting on a recent announcement by Justice Minister Amy Adams about the Justice Sector Better Public Service measurement of crime.


Violence reports for judges could roll out:

A piloted programme giving judges more information about a defendant's history of family violence at bail hearings is set to be extended.

The programme has been tested in Porirua and Christchurch since last September.

Though that test had not yet been fully evaluated, the judiciary, Ministry of Justice and the Police were talking about other centres taking it up.



Masons take a stand against violence:

New Zealand's largest all-male organisation has pledged to stand against violence towards women - starting in Wairarapa.

The Freemasons of the Hutt Wairarapa District have joined forces with White Ribbon New Zealand, and will lead campaigns to raise awareness of family violence in the community.


Domestic violence charges dropped against NRL great Hazem El Masri:

NRL great Hazem El Masri has vowed to push on with his campaign to curb domestic violence after shrugging off "preposterous" allegations made by an ex-wife.



The decile debate continues:

The NZ Herald today broke a story that the Ministry is still intending to ‘abolish’ school deciles. Once unpicked, the story is slightly different. Essentially the proposal (whose source is not clear) is to shift from the current 5 indicators (based on the census) to 4 new indicators (measured through data-sharing between government agencies) for the purposes of determining additional school funding to overcome known disadvantage.



Antoine Dixon samurai sword attack victim's book 'graphic':

Antoine Dixon samurai sword attack victim Simonne Butler is warning family ahead of her autobiography's publication that it's "raw and graphic" and "not for nanas".

'A Double Edged Sword - The Simonne Butler Story' is due to be published this year.

It tells how she healed "mind, body, soul and spirit" after she was attacked by her ex-partner, a drug-fuelled Dixon on January 21, 2003.



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