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Reassurance from Glenn Inquiry team re funding

February 04, 2013 at 3:16 PM

The Glenn Inquiry team respond to funding cuts fears -

"Some of you may have seen the front page story in today's NZ Herald about delays in some of the funds being released from the Glenn Family Foundation for the Otara projects ( I want you all to know that there are a number of errors in the story and there is nothing that impacts on the Glenn Inquiry and hence nothing for any of you to worry about.

Sir Owen is funding the inquiry personally - we are not dependent on funds from the family trust and hence the inquiry is not affected by this news in any way. Sir Owen remains fully committed to the inquiry and to ensuring it has a positive impact on addressing child abuse and domestic violence in New Zealand.

I have absolutely no concerns about the situation and neither should any of you. The inquiry is continuing to gain momentum on a daily basis with more and more people asking to become involved and giving their support. There is nothing that could stop us now!

We are excited to be attending Waitangi next week. We were invited to Waitangi following a march of 500 people through Whangarei last week protesting after Patricia McGrath was murdered by her partner ( )

Sir Owen's commitment to the 'people's inquiry' is unshakable and our work continues on a planned.

Warm Regards

The Glenn Inquiry Team 

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