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RIMU Seminar - Sleeping Rough in Central Auckland

June 10, 2015 at 6:05 PM

Sleeping Rough in Central Auckland

Date:  Tuesday 30 June

Venue:  Room WG 308,   WG Building, AUT,   55 Wellesley Street

Time:  1–2.30pm

On the evening of 19 October 2014, Auckland City Mission counted 147 people sleeping rough within a three kilometre radius of the Sky Tower – a 116 per cent increase over 18 months. Sleeping rough is a complex social issue and there is increasing consensus amongst service providers, social scientists, policy makers and academics alike, that homelessness is of significant concern in New Zealand (Hodgetts et al., 2011; Leggatt-Cook, 2007). This presentation is grounded in the results of recently completed multi-agency research on homelessness in central Auckland. The research revealed insights from people who had first-hand experience of sleeping rough as well as the thoughts and opinions of other members of the public.

The presentation has three broad foci. First, we describe the research methodology which uses the principles of design to create effective solutions for difficult social problems. Second, we discuss the research results, drawing particular attention to the ways in which the lives of those who sleep rough intersect with others who use public spaces around central Auckland. Finally, we reflect on how the research results are being used by the Auckland Homeless Steering Group to better respond to the needs of those who sleep rough in central Auckland. 

For more information see the attched flyer