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Pohutukawa Clinic Greenlane

March 31, 2014 at 9:25 AM

For those of you who are not familiar with the Pohutukawa Clinic, their services are described as follows:

Pohutukawa is based at Greenlane Clinical Centre (building 7 Level 3, (09) 6309772 ext 27772 or 021893532) and covers the whole of Auckland from the Bombays to Warkworth.

They run a clinic Monday - Friday 9am -5pm (only 9am-12 on Wednesdays for routine appointments) where they can arrange to see someone (over age 20) for a therapeutic medical. Evenings and weekends are covered by an on call team for forensic examinations only.

People under age 20 in daytime, or under 17 at evenings/weekends should be seen by the Adolescent & child service, Te Puaruruhau, at 99 Grafton Road - referral phone -021492365.

A forensic examination is the gathering of potential evidence from a recently assaulted client to assist Police with investigating the sexual assault complaint, and also to provide medical care as required. They currently have a team of 12 nurses and 14 Doctors but there is only 1 doctor and 1 nurse on at a time, and at times they may already be seeing another case. Forensic referrals come from Police, but may also come via HELP, CSC or a hospital ED and are contacted via a roster with ADHB call centre.

People who do not wish to report to police can arrange to be seen by Pohutukawa in clinic hours, on a mutually agreed day/time, or they can choose to see their own Doctor, or family planning clinic and we can offer those clinicians or services advice if required. Clients are able to self-refer for a therapeutic medical, no matter how long ago the event was, or they can be referred by counsellors, GP's etc.

Forensic referrals usually come from the Police, but may also come via HELP, CSC or a hospital ED.

HELP (09) 623 1700 and CSC (counselling services centre South Auckland) (09) 2779324 are crisis counselling agencies who will attend most therapeutic and forensic medicals to support clients and also regulary refer clients.

Both HELP and CSC are happy to discuss with clients the benefits and disadvantages of a forensic or therapeutic examination, and will assist clients with referral to Police or Pohutukawa.


You can visit thier website here.

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