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New Report on Family Violence Released

July 24, 2014 at 10:08 AM

The Impact Collective have released a report proposing the establishment of an integrated system to better address intimate partner violence (IPV) and child abuse and neglect (CAN).

You can read the full report here...

The report, written by Ruth Herbert and Deborah MacKenzie, describes an integrated system as a "formal and proactive response whereby all agencies will deliver consistent and safe services. Complex problems such as IPV and CAN involve multiple agencies and individuals, each with differing responsibilities and working on different parts of the problem. An integrated system for IPV and CAN is where all agencies and individuals who are either directly or indirectly involved at all levels operate as one system."

Such an infrastructure would consist of a national backbone agency and a series of regional hubs, built on existing networks.

You can read more about this report including related media articles on the NZFVC website...

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