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April 29, 2015 at 5:03 PM

Too many kiwi children are missing out, failing to reach their potential and having their health affected by poverty.  

Many New Zealand businesses, iwi, charities and other community organisations are growing increasingly concerned about the impact of poverty on our children.

Giving2Kids guides organisations to make investment decisions that will have the biggest possible impact on the lives of kiwi kids. 

It provides information on why, how, and where to invest in our children, and includes 50 plus evidence-based ideas to consider.

All children need a good start in life if they are to grow up thriving.  However, one in four children live in income poverty and 180,000 kids go without the things they need.  This is harming our children and putting a brake on their futures.

Philanthropy New Zealand and the Office of the Children's Commissioner are joint partners in the Giving2Kids project.


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