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Auckland Council Draft Annual Plan Consultations

January 29, 2014 at 9:51 AM

Auckland Plan Consultations has opened and Council is seeking your views on its draft Plan 2014-2015, which is year 3 of its long term Plan 2012-2022.

The Auckland Council representatives encouraged the sector at the Multisector Plan hui in 2013 to tell the council what it wants in order for Auckland to be a Safe and most liveable city. This is opportunity to suggest more realistic targets than 'reducing Protections Orders by 40 % by 2015', which was the best of a bad bunch that Council picked.

Other parked issues from that hui can be discussed in consultations with the Council. Should it commit more budget to Family violence and sexual violence work? Should we get more Family Violence officers like Kelly Maung?

This 1-month process closes on Monday 24 February 2014. 

You can view the 2013-2014 Annual Plan and the Draft 2014-2015 Annual Plan here

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