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Women moving away from violence

July 02, 2013 at 12:00 PM

Researched and written by Yvonne Crichton-Hill and published by Christchurch Women's Refuge (now Aviva).

Link to the book online via NZ Family Violence Clearinghouse here.

Summary: "This study is based on the stories of women who have moved away from violence and was specifically designed so that the voices of women could be heard. It is timely in that the seriousness of the problem is widely acknowledged but less attention has been paid to the strategies and skills that women themselves bring to the moving away process." "This study offers intimate stories of women’s lives and the reflections of women over the years they were caught in a web of violence. These new insights provide readers with a wealth of information of the many ways in which women sought to protect themselves and their children as best they can under extraordinary circumstances. The narratives highlight the significant role that families/whanau can play in helping to end the cycle of violence and the important role of critical response services such as the police and the women’s shelters." (from the Foreword). "Christchurch Women’s Refuge and the Family Help Trust, two Canterbury based NGOs, contracted the University of Canterbury’s Te Awatea Violence Research Centre to undertake the majority of the research. The study was funded by the Lottery Community Sector Research Fund of the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board." (from the Executive Summary)

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