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Weekly Media Roundup

December 16, 2016 at 11:49 AM

Family violence - not 'just another domestic' for police

Family violence investigations spiked by almost 2000 incidents over last year's Christmas and New Year period compared with the months leading up to the holidays.

So what is driving this annual surge, and what are police doing to curb the figures, and more importantly the harm?


Family violence: Women's Refuge launches undercover site for abuse victims

A new site allowing women to secretly access the Women's Refuge website without alerting offenders has been launched.

Women's Refuge has developed the website which allows victims of domestic support to access key information about escaping abusive relationships via other company websites such as ASB, The Warehouse, Sorted, Z Energy and Saatchi & Saatchi.


Police: we wish you a harm-free Christmas

With their own families safe and happy at home, stuffed full of Christmas dinner and surveying their gifts, Toni Woodroffe and Kurtis Heketoa-King headed off to work.

There, they spent time with families on the flip side of life's coin, families in strife, danger and right in harm's way.

Woodroffe and Heketoa-King are both police constables and work out of the Manurewa station.

And both worked last Christmas.


Jackie Blue: Employers have a part to play in tackling family violence

Every year, particularly in December and January, we are reminded of the horrific stats and stories behind one of New Zealand's biggest human rights issues - family violence.

We live in a country where a family violence incident is reported to the police every five minutes. A country where half of all homicides and reported violent crimes are family violence related. A country where one in three women will experience violence in her lifetime.

A country that has the highest reported rates of intimate partner violence in the developed world.


Men who are violated by women

Aaron Gilmore was not even a teenager when he was sexually abused by a family friend he regarded as a second mother.

But when he reported it to police years later they told him they couldn't see what crime had taken place.


Woman living in fear says police didn't take her seriously

An Auckland woman who says she was strangled by her partner is accusing police of failing to take her case seriously.

The woman, who RNZ has chosen not to name, has laid a complaint over officers' response to multiple reports of her ex-partner breaching a police safety order and bail.


How to tell which Kiwi children are living in poverty

The latest version of the Child Poverty Monitor is out and, as with the three previous reports, it makes disturbing reading.

The monitor contains a bewildering array of data, but highlights two measures. 


Support for Heidi Hayward's open letter, from CPAG

Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) commends the courageous and forthright efforts of Dunedin school principal Heidi Hayward, and encourages more voices to join Heidi’s in support.


Hamilton group says it's ended homelessness in the city

A Hamilton group says it has ended homelessness in the city by finding homes for more than 800 individuals and families in the last two years.

The People's Project was set up in August 2014 with the goal that no one would be living on the streets or sleeping rough in the city by the end of this year.

The project is a collaboration between the council, police, government agencies, business and housing groups.


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