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Weekly Media Roundup

November 12, 2015 at 4:12 PM

Rape prevention campaigner Kim Mcgregor appointed new Chief Victims Advisor:

From an abused 11-year-old to one of New Zealand's loudest voices on sexual violence prevention, Dr Kim McGregor still thought she was unlikely to get her dream job.

For almost three decades McGregor has worked to raise awareness regarding sexual and family violence after being abused by her stepfather.



Auckland man sentenced to 11 1/2 years minimum for killing partner:

An Auckland man who stabbed his partner to death in a "frenzied" attack has been sentenced to life in prison with a minimum period of 11 years and five months.

A jury found Jiwan Ram guilty of murder in September following an eight-day trial at the High Court at Auckland. Ram had pleaded not guilty to the murder of his de facto partner Bimla Wati in November last year. He was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday morning. 



US retail giant Bloomingdale's apologises over advert which 'promotes date rape':

US retail giant Bloomingdale's has been forced to apologise after an advert in its Christmas catalogue sparked outrage that it encouraged date rape.

The ad features a man staring at a laughing woman with the tagline: "Spike your best friend's eggnog when they're not looking".



Family violence defence worth looking at - advocates:

Victims' advocates say giving the victims of long-term family violence the right to argue a partial defence to murder if they kill their abusive partners is worth investigating.



PM Using Rape as a political tool:

Mr Key confirmed this afternoon he would not be correcting what he said to opposition MPs in Parliament this week.

He sparked two parliamentary walk-outs after claiming Labour was "backing the rapists" on Australia's Christmas Island detention centre, and has been accused of using rape as a political tool to distract from serious issues,

But he said he had nothing to apologise for, because he was standing up for victims.


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Asian migrant youth and family violence examined:

Despite the rise of vibrant Asian communities in New Zealand’s urban sectors, very little research has examined intimate partner and family violence that accounts for experiences tied to migration, immigration status, age hierarchies, culture and racism.



Political parties want action on New Zealand's shocking child abuse record:

Political parties are united in calling for urgent action on New Zealand's shocking record of child abuse after an alleged serious assault on a baby in Waitara.

The alleged attack, on a four-week-old baby girl and her mother, happened on November 6 and resulted in the child being admitted to Starship Hospital with brain bleeds. The girl's 29-year-old father has been arrested and charged with injuring with intent to injure, wounding with reckless disregard and breaching a protection order.



Ex-bikie to stand trial on Tara Brown murder:

Family and friends of murdered mum Tara Brown have faced her accused killer and former partner in a Queensland court.

Lionel John Patea, 24, was committed to stand trial for the murder of the 24-year-old during a brief hearing at the Southport Magistrates Court today.

Patea didn't speak during his appearance as a packed gallery, including Ms Brown's mother, watched on.



Sex abuse register under fire from support groups:

There is no evidence the government's planned child sex offender register will help protect children, MPs have heard. 

Helen Sullivan is the general manager of the Wellington Sexual Abuse Help Foundation. She told MPs hearing submissions on the Child Protection Offender Register it was a blunt tool that could have unintended consequences.



Women face battle for equality:

A stocktake on women's place in New Zealand, 122 years after the country was the first to honour women's right to vote, says many women are still treated as "second-class citizens".

The "white paper" by the National Council of Women says women are making progress in areas such as heading government departments and even sitting on the boards of listed companies. But New Zealand has slipped behind other countries on league tables such as the World Economic Forum's annual gender gap index, sliding from fifth-best in the world in 2009 to 13th.










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