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Weekly Media Roundup

August 28, 2015 at 8:21 AM

There has been a lot of comment around the two reports into state care of children - related media links to these are included in the blog entry for this. 


Judges to get reports on offenders' family violence history:

Defendants in domestic violence cases in Christchurch and Porirua courts will soon have their family violence history laid bare before judges when they are considered for bail.

Justice Minister Amy Adams on Wednesday announced the pilot programme to take effect next week in which judges would receive reports of all recorded family violence incidents for defendants including police safety orders or protection orders and breaches. 


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Lets mobilise against domestic violence:

Sue McCabe
Chief Executive
National Council of Women of New Zealand

Words are no longer being minced when talking about New Zealand’s intolerably high rate of family and domestic violence.  Instead, everyone seems to be on the same page about the need to act.



Bars to open for all RWC games:

Bars will be allowed to open for every Rugby World Cup game - not just All Blacks matches - under a new booze law to progress through Parliament today.

ACT Party leader David Seymour's Rugby World Cup booze bill would allow pubs to open outside of legal trading hours to show matches hosted in the United Kingdom, which will be shown in the small hours of the morning in New Zealand. 


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Keith Locke: The downsides to a child sex offender register:

It's difficult to have an adequate discussion of sex offender legislation because anyone taking a critical stance risks being labeled as soft on sex crimes.

The Child Protection (Child Sex Offender Register) Bill is a case in point. There has been little public debate even though Attorney-General Chris Finlayson says it offends our Bill of Rights.



Jarrod Gilbert: Child abuse anger robbing focus from prevention:

The small, battered body of Leon Jayet-Cole was brought to Christchurch Hospital. He never left. His injuries suggest he met a violent end. He was 5 years old.

Moko Sayviah Rangitoheriri was 3 years old when he died. Ihaka Stokes was just 15 months. Three children killed in the past four weeks. By the Herald's count we are approaching 10 such deaths this year. We are maintaining a shameful trend.


Dita De Boni: Government contempt too overwhelming to ignore:

Shortly after the explosions at Pike River in November 2010, John Key stood "in solidarity" with those who had lost loved ones in the disaster - 29 men; fathers, brothers and sons.

The speech he gave at the remembrance service was moving. In it, he talked about the pain of a close-knit community losing so many lives far too young; about the burden of growing up without a father, and about the beauty of the Paparoa Ranges where the men lie. He spoke of their retrieval, and of efforts to get to the bottom of that terrible disaster.



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