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Weekly Media Roundup

March 17, 2023 at 3:32 PM

Newshub: Childhood sexual abuse victims say it affects their entire life, research backs that up

Warning: This story contains material that may disturb some people.

When survivors of childhood sexual abuse tell their own stories in court or through government inquiries, they often describe the pervasive personal impact across many aspects of their life. In the words of one survivor, “in every way, it had a negative impact”.

A long history of research aligns with these personal reflections. It shows survivors are more likely to have long-term difficulties with their mental and physical health in adulthood.

There has been a lot of research on the long-term impacts of childhood sexual abuse, but most of it focuses only on one aspect (usually mental health) and one point in a person’s life. But we know from survivors and their families that the consequences can emerge in many different aspects and at different stages of life.



RNZ: Child sexual abuse can double risk of problems in adulthood - NZ-based study

A study of 937 people over many years shows victims of child sexual abuse are likely to suffer from multiple problems in later life.

The Dunedin Study, by the University of Otago, has followed the development of the same people through now to past the age of 45.

The latest findings, published in the Journal of Development and Psychopathology, reveal 19 percent reported - retrospectively at the age of 26 - unwanted sexual contact before the age of 16.

They were one-and-a-half to two times more likely than their peers to experience adverse outcomes as an adult, including alcohol consumption, oral health issues, mental health issues, sexually transmitted diseases, personal relationship difficulties, financial problems and anti-social behaviour.



1 News: The ‘Wesley Way’

Warning: this story contains content about physical, psychological and sexual abuse.

This is a story that’s been brewing for decades, clouded by a code of silence. Students have been subjected to, and been the protectors of, a culture of abuse dubbed the “Wesley Way”. Now survivors are challenging it as a horrifying tradition.



Stuff: Family violence tenancy protections don't always cover flatmates, but they should, petition says

When John, whom Stuff has agreed not to identify, was physically and sexually assaulted by his flatmate, a recent law change intended to protect tenants who are victims of domestic violence did not protect him.

After the attack, John went to the police, who took him to hospital for an examination which provided evidence of the incident, and back to his flat to collect his belongings.

He resigned from his job, and moved out of the city immediately, but was left physically and mentally unwell, and suffering panic attacks.

At the same, he tried to exit his tenancy agreement by citing section 56B of the Residential Tenancy Act, which allows tenants who are victims of domestic violence to leave tenancies with two days’ notice.

But, despite providing police confirmation of the assault and evidence of why it was unsafe for him to remain in the property, the property manager refused to accept it.



Stuff: Genesis Energy forgives debts of women abused by partners

Genesis Energy sometimes forgives all or part of the power debts of survivors of violent and economically abusive relationships.

It is part of a “fresh start” programme the power retailer is developing for people who find themselves with debt through no fault of their own.



RNZ: Women’s rights group apologises for choosing Richie Hardcore to speak

A women's rights group has apologised "without reservation" for its choice to have Richie Hardcore as a guest speaker as its International Women's Day event.

At least one of its keynote speakers withdrew because Hardcore was involved.



Stuff: Mum of young boys who ransacked a house and killed pet fish may lose custody of all children

Two primary-aged boys ransacked a Christchurch property, causing damage and killing the homeowners’ pet fish. The violent act was preventable, reports SINEAD GILL.

The mother of two young high-needs boys who ransacked a Christchurch property and killed the homeowners’ fish says she has since received threats online and may now lose custody of her children.

The woman, who previously had the community’s sympathy, said she was “devastated” to learn of what her sons did.

She – with the support of high-profile advocate Dr Sue Bagshaw – said what happened was a product of a stubborn state care system.



Stuff: Father who punched baby and swung him into sofa guilty of manslaughter

Clarity Turu was only 5 months old when his father wound tape around his head and mouth, punched him in the face and twisted his tiny arm until it broke.

The baby’s ordeal culminated in his father, Hamuera Rawhiti, grabbing him by his ankles, raising him up and swinging him into the arm of a sofa.

Clarity died of a severe head injury that caused severe bleeding on his brain. A post mortem examination later found evidence of 17 blows to his face and head.

Rawhiti initially lied to the police, telling detectives the injuries were caused by his attempts at resuscitation. It was only 2½ years later, during his trial in the High Court at Auckland, that Rawhiti admitted beating Clarity.



NZ Herald: Sex abusing music teacher has convictions quashed - then pleads guilty to all offending after new victim comes forward

Warning: this article discusses sexual assault and may be distressing for some readers.

An Auckland music teacher who successfully appealed his child sex assault convictions subsequently “reassessed” his situation, admitted the abuse and accepted his prison sentence when a new victim emerged.



Stuff: Domestic abuser won't be deported as it would be 'unduly harsh' on his Children

A man with 25 convictions, several of which are domestic abuse-related, will not be deported due to the impact that it would have on his partner and kids, a tribunal finds.

The decision, by the New Zealand Immigration and Protection Tribunal, found that Richard Uhrle’s deportation appeal would be approved on humanitarian grounds.

The 37-year-old Samoan citizen, who became a New Zealand resident in 2011, was going to be deported under the Immigration Act 2009, because he committed an offence that could have a prison sentence of three months or more, within two years of being made resident.

The tribunal decided that due to Uhrle’s 11 years in NZ – where he now has a partner, adult step-children, an 18-month-old daughter and another baby due – that this meets the threshold of exceptional humanitarian circumstances due to the impacts of the potential separation.



Stuff: Former NZ representative sportsman trying to avoid domestic violence convictions

A former top sportsman, who has represented New Zealand, will try and avoid convictions for domestic violence, after he grabbed a woman and damaged her property, including cutting up her bank cards.

The man, who has interim name suppression, appeared in New Plymouth District Court on Thursday, where he pleaded guilty to four charges, which related to two incidents last month.



NZ Herald: Trusted grandfather figure pleads guilty to sexual abuse of young girl

Warning: this article discusses sexual assault and may be distressing for some readers.

A trusted grandfather figure has pleaded guilty to charges of sexually abusing a young girl in his care.

The 53-year-old defendant, who has name suppression, went on trial before a judge and jury in the Whanganui District Court on Monday.



Stuff: Man to be deported after strangling wife to point of black-out

A 39-year-old man will be deported to India after being convicted of assaulting his wife and repeatedly driving drunk.

The man, whose name is suppressed in the Immigration and Protection Tribunal decision detailing his case, has been ordered to leave the country by April 2023.

According to the decision, he strangled his now-31-year-old wife to the point of black-out, then punched her three times in the head.



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