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Weekly Media Roundup

May 20, 2022 at 4:53 PM

The Spinoff: Budget 2022: The great Spinoff hot-take roundtable 

Grant Robertson said his budget ‘builds the secure future that New Zealanders deserve’. But what do the experts think? 

RNZ: Cost of living crisis means bolder Budget moves needed to lift more children out of poverty 


RNZ: Budget 2022 at a glance: What you need to know 


1 News: Restoring dignity – The politics of ‘too hard’ 

It's 2017, and New Zealand has a new Prime Minister. Jacinda Ardern is promising transformation, kindness and help for those who need it most. 

Almost five years on, how is the Government going? Are our poorest doing better? 

And what does National say about addressing poverty? 

As we approach Budget 2022, what more can, and should, we be doing to tackle poverty in Aotearoa? 


Stuff: Ghosts in the system: the price of lockdown for vulnerable children and families 

In the pandemic’s early days, when motorways became ghost roads as people adapted to new working regimes, one particular workforce faced a dilemma. 

How do you operate when your job is to go into Aotearoa’s most vulnerable homes to make sure whānau, especially tamariki, are safe? 

Critical workers like police and ambulance officers continued their roles – with adjustments. 

But for the country’s social workers, most were told to work from home. 


RNZ: Oranga Tamariki spends bulk of funds set aside for sexual violence services 

Spending on sexual violence services by Oranga Tamariki is on track this year, following major underspending last year. 

The children's ministry by April had spent all but $1 million of the $11.5m allocated for this financial year. 

Two thirds of this has gone on sexual violence crisis support services, through about 30 community providers. 

The remaining $4m has gone into services where concerning sexual behaviour is identified, through five providers. 


NZ Herald: 'The forgotten ones': Youth worker outlines how to break the cycle of youth offending 

"We get respect on the streets. 

"We know the police won't chase us. 

"The scariest part is not knowing how far we will take it." 

These are the key messages coming from New Zealand's young offenders who have caused a spike in youth crime over recent months across the country. 


RNZ: Mishandled abuse allegation further evidence Oranga Tamariki is broken, say whānau advocates 

A man accused of child abuse says it is a "lottery" whether a family gets a proper investigation by Oranga Tamariki (OT) or not. 

The children's ministry has admitted to shortcomings in following its own investigations protocol in a case in Northland, and "inconsistencies" at other sites around the country. 

Whānau advocates say it is further evidence the system is irrevocably broken, and of families let down. 


NZ Herald: New programme supports pregnant women to be smoke-free and save babies' lives 

Māori health providers are hoping a new pilot programme will be the key to reducing infant deaths. 

Hāpai Te Hauora, Aotearoa's largest Māori public health organisation, working with community health providers, is leading a series of wānanga that connects with hapū māmā and supports them on being smoke-free. 

Hāpai describes the wānanga as being "about supporting whānau during their hapūtanga 'season' to educate them about what to expect during their pregnancy and the birth of their pēpi." 

Newsroom: How community housing can mend our fraying fabric 

NZ's social housing register has quadrupled in size since 2017 and big changes to mindsets over house building and housing affordability are needed, writes Vic Crockford  |  Partnership Content 

NZ Herald: How social media 'coverage' of Depp-Heard trial is harming domestic violence victims 

Warning: Content may be distressing 

If you can't open Instagram or TikTok without seeing coverage of the defamation trial going on between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, you're not alone. 

It's not just news coverage bombarding us everywhere we look online. There are memes, Twitter takes, and "funny" TikTok videos making light of what's going on between the two actors as their explosive relationship plays out in court. 

Hashtags like "AmberHeardIsAPsycho" are trending online as social media users take sides in the court battle. Teenagers on TikTok are re-enacting Heard's testimony, in particular one clip during which she describes the moment Depp allegedly slapped her across the face. Cafe owners are putting out tip jars labelled "Amber" and "Johnny". 

Whether you believe Depp's testimony over Heard's or vice versa, it's clear they have both suffered abuse. And domestic violence support advocates say it's not just the celebrities themselves affected by what's playing out in court. So are the countless men and women around the world who have been affected by domestic or partner violence, who are now being forced to watch it like it's a TV show. 


Newsroom: Anti-bullying agency Netsafe apologises to government but not to victims 

The Government has considered a formal investigation into Netsafe's conduct after Newsroom reports of bullying and privacy breaches by management 


NZ Herald: Exclusive: West Auckland children lived 'like caged animals' in 'despicable and sickening' neglect case 

WARNING: This story contains graphic information about child abuse and neglect that could be upsetting or triggering. Please take care. 

A West Auckland couple have been jailed for keeping their children "like caged animals" in a case of abuse and neglect described by a judge as "despicable and sickening". 

The children aged 9, 3 and 1 were barely fed or washed for almost a year, forced to stay in their rooms under threat of violence and lived in squalor amid piles of food scraps, soiled nappies and general household rubbish so high that beds and windows were hidden. 

Both parents were heavy methamphetamine users and the court heard that the mother was seriously abused by her partner and was effectively too battered by him to look after the children. 


Newsroom: State sent uplift kids to where ‘sex harm’ man lives 

Exclusive: Inquiries are underway after young children at the centre of a pivotal 'reverse uplift' case by Oranga Tamariki ended up being sent to live at a property where a man with sexual behaviour issues was living. 


Stuff: 'All we've got to remember him by is bloodstains', say relatives of man stabbed by partner and buried in backyard 

Relatives of a man stabbed to death by his partner and buried in a compost heap say they have been left with nothing but "beautiful" memories and bloodstains on a lounge floor. 

Rena Maloney, 56, repeatedly stabbed Martin Orme Berry, 55, in his back and neck before cutting his throat, shortly after Christmas in 2020, only stopping when the knife became lodged in his neck and broke off. 

After killing him, Maloney dragged his body out to the backyard of his property in Main North Rd, Christchurch, and covered him with dirt and leaves. 

He lay buried in a vegetation mound for two weeks before she handed herself in to police, asking them to "please go get him". 


NZ Herald: No parole before 18 years 6 months for hammer attack murder 

Niraj Nilesh Prasad's rage-fuelled hammer attack on his ex-wife's new partner has drawn a life term for murder and no chance of parole for at least 18 years 6 months. 

Prasad, a 39-year-old accountant, had denied murdering Fijian-born Faiz Ali in a hammer and knife attack on February 21, 2021. 

He was found guilty by a jury in the High Court at Christchurch on the fifth day of his trial in March, and sentenced by Justice Rob Osborne today. 


NZ Herald: Mental health carer's continued sex abuse of boy in court 20 years on 

An in-home mental health carer has admitted historical sexual offending against a young boy he once regularly babysat, grooming him with gifts before subjecting him to abuse on a weekly basis. 


Stuff: School's handling of sexual abuse by teacher investigated 

The chief ombudsman is investigating a Bay of Plenty school’s response to a former student’s allegations of sexual abuse by a teacher. 

Under the Ombudsmen Act 1975 and the Official Information Act 1982, chief ombudsman Peter Boshier is investigating the appropriateness of the response made by the board of Tauranga Boys’ College to concerns raised by former student Glenn Marshall in November 2021. 

The investigation will include the “adequacy of the actions taken by the board to address the acknowledged shortcomings in its review”. 


NZ Herald: Offender allegedly forced his way into woman's home and raped her three times 

WARNING: Graphic and violent content 

An alleged offender forced his way into a woman's home where he raped her three times during the night while her young children were present, a court has heard. 

NZ Herald: Father sentenced for assaulting siblings over spilled toothpaste 

When Shaun Sinclair's young son tried to clean his teeth in the hallway of their home early one morning, it sparked a chain of events leading to what is now a serious black mark on his own life. 

His little boy, then aged 5 but with the development age of a 3-year-old was up early that morning in September 2020. His efforts to clean his teeth led to toothpaste being spilled on the floor. 

Sinclair got up, saw what had happened and began yelling at the child to clean it up. The yelling prompted his stepson who was 12 at the time, to try to help. 

The Northern Advocate: Northland woman accused of neglecting and assaulting children at tangi 

People at a tangi tried to tell a 5-year-old girl how to get out of a locked car as her year-old brother kept tooting the horn and their mum lay passed out drunk beside them. 

The alleged incident on the final morning of a week-long tangi in Northland was one of several reasons an attendee at the tangi gave for later phoning the police with concerns about the children's welfare. 


Stuff: Musician gets home detention for sharing images of children being sexually abused 

The man behind one of New Zealand’s top death metal bands will spend the next 12 months at home after being caught with, and sharing, child sex abuse images and videos. 

Phillip Matthew Kusabs appeared at the North Shore District Court on Thursday after earlier admitting four charges of sharing child sexual abuse material and five representative charges of possessing similar videos and images. 

Each representative charge represents more than one instance of offending by the 50-year-old Browns Bay local. 

Stuff: Taranaki man who had sex with schoolgirl sentenced to home detention 

A Taranaki man’s “positive steps” after racking up six convictions in less than a year, including having sex with a 15-year-old after she cried and refused, have seen him avoid prison. 

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