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Weekly Media Roundup

October 08, 2021 at 5:18 PM

Newsroom: The road is long for Oranga Tamariki 

The optimist in Nicola Atwool welcomes the recommendations in the latest report on Oranga Tamariki, but the pessimist needs to point out the enormity of the challenges ahead  


RNZ: ACC to spend $44.9 million on sexual violence prevention 

ACC is spending nearly 45 million dollars on a bid to prevent sexual violence, including $11.7 million for kaupapa Māori approaches. 

Over the next four years it aimed to tackle the underlying causes of sexual violence and to do work on changing attitudes and behaviours. 

The agency would work on the problem alongside other government agencies, specialist services, providers, iwi and communities. 

ACC minister Carmel Sepuloni said Aotearoa-New Zealand had unacceptable rates of sexual violence. 

Stuff: ACC to invest $44.9 million for sexual violence prevention, including $11.7 million for Kaupapa Māori 


Stuff: The mothers struggling to feed their babies while the state keeps all their child support 

Covid-19 is forcing thousands more women onto the benefit, where any child support payments will be kept by the Government. Why? National Correspondent Michelle Duff investigates. 


Stuff: The parent tax: How child support is scooped up by the state 

Fathers who pay child support that gets scooped up by the state instead of going to their children say the system is heartless and unfair on struggling families. National Correspondent Michelle Duff reports. 

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Stuff: The inevitability of abuse as a woman 

OPINION: If I were to document every frightening experience I have endured while walking alone, it would befit a series of books I would appropriately entitle, “All the Terrible Things Men Say to Me”. 

I use the word “say”, not “said”, because it will never cease to happen for as long as it is allowed to exist. It is an awful reality that almost all women endure, from puberty through to when men consider us past our desirable expiration date. 

Street abuse is truly a social practice that men, especially, have a collective responsibility to challenge, to ensure its extinction. 

NewshubCalls mount for 'stealthing' - covert condom removal during sex - to be explicitly recognised as rape 

Stealthing is a form of sexual assault estimated to have happened to a tenth of the population and there are rising calls for it to be explicitly recognised as a form of rape. 

The practice involves someone secretly removing or breaking a condom during sex without their partner's consent, and the sexual abuse support foundation HELP says its more common than you think.  

"We don't think it's limited to any portion of the population. We think it's going on fairly widely, and it has for a very long time. It's nothing new really," HELP executive director Kathryn McPhillips told Newshub Nation. 


Stuff: Interviews in Peter Ellis case show incompetency, Supreme Court told 

Interviews in 1992 of complainant children in the Christchurch Civic Creche case would not pass muster today and would not be regarded as competent, the Supreme Court has heard. 

An appeal by Peter Ellis against his convictions on child abuse began on Monday, two years after he died. 

He was convicted in 1993 of sexually abusing children in his care at the creche. He faced 28 charges regarding nine girls and four boys but was convicted of 16 charges regarding seven children. One girl recanted in 1994 reducing the guilty verdicts to 13 charges. 


Stuff: Lawyer claims decision on 'Moana' case was biased, appeals to High Court 

The mother of a Māori girl in the care of Pākehā foster parents has appealed a judge's ruling that would see the girl stay with them. 

Last month Family Court Judge Peter Callinicos ruled the traumatised and neglected 6-year-old girl “Moana” could stay with the foster parents at their house in rural Hawke’s Bay. 

Oranga Tamariki and the girl’s iwi wanted her removed from the home she had lived in for the part three years because they did not think the couple could meet her cultural needs. 

Judge Callinicos criticised Oranga Tamariki for putting ideology ahead of a child’s best interests. 


NZ Herald: Justice Minister rejects compensation to mother following wrongful conviction for killing her newborn 

In 1989, Terri Friesen was convicted of killing her newborn baby Chantelle. Almost 30 years later, her conviction was quashed by the Court of Appeal. Terri believes she deserves both an apology and compensation. In the final episode of Te Ao with Moana for the 2021 season, host Moana Maniapoto sits down with Terri to discuss her reaction to Minister Kris Faafoi's rejection letter. 


Stuff: Abuse survivor finds strength to speak out after hitting rock bottom 

Content warning: This story discusses sexual abuse. 

For more than a decade a woman suppressed memories of being groomed by a man for his gratification when she was a girl. She tells Jimmy Ellingham why she spoke up. 


NZ Herald: 'Extremely painful': Mum who poisoned son breaks silence 

A North Otago woman who poisoned her child while he was in hospital may yet be locked up, after the Crown appealed her sentence. 

The mother, aged in her 30s, got 11 months' home detention when she appeared before the High Court at Auckland in August. 

She has now broken her silence, allowing her lawyer, Julie-Anne Kincade, to speak to the Otago Daily Times. 

She said it had been an "extraordinarily lengthy process" just getting to sentencing and now the defendant faced more uncertainty. 


Stuff: Abused girl placed into grandfather's care despite him being charged with rape and incest years before 

GRAPHIC CONTENT: A teenage girl who was sexually assaulted by her grandfather had been placed into his care by Oranga Tamariki, despite him being charged with similar offending in the 1980s. 

The grandfather, who pleaded guilty to five charges of incest and one charge of bestiality last month, had previously been charged with incest and raping and sodomising his daughter. He was acquitted by a High Court jury in November 1988. 

At the time the Crown alleged the man had repeatedly sexually abused his daughter over several years from the age of 7. The girl said her father had threatened her that if she told anyone, the family would be split up. 


Stuff: Taranaki man jailed for serious violence against partner 

A Taranaki father of seven has been imprisoned for a year-long campaign of serious violence against his former partner, which included breaking her finger and firing a staple gun into her leg. 

The woman suffered a number of injuries at the hands of Jordan Simpson, 32, over the period of July 1, 2019, until July 31, 2020, 

During this time he smacked her with wood, threw items at her head, punched her in the ribs and face a number of times, and threatened her with multiple weapons including a slug gun and a knife. 

Their relationship came to an end after 12 months and the woman moved in with her parents. 


NZ Herald: Man charged after allegedly setting fire to house in Titirangi, West Auckland 

A man who allegedly started a fire in a house during a standoff with police before jumping off the balcony has been charged and is due to appear in court this afternoon. 

The man was arrested in Titirangi, West Auckland, overnight. He is accused of assaulting a woman and damaging her household items, and threatening another man. 

Police said officers were called to a house on Waimā Cres about midnight after a report of a family harm incident. 


Stuff: Dilworth School: Former chaplain admits sexually abusing boys in his care 

A former chaplain of Auckland’s Dilworth School was seen as a “figure of God” by one of the boys he sexually abused at the boarding school. 

Ross Douglas Browne, of Manurewa, appeared at the High Court in Auckland on Friday where he admitted sexually abusing boys in his care over a 15-year period. 

Browne admitted 13 charges of doing an indecent act on boys, one of sexual violation, one of indecent assault and one of possession of objectionable publications. 

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