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Weekly Media Roundup

June 18, 2021 at 4:42 PM

1 News: Māori, disabled, sexually diverse more likely to be victims of crime, new data shows

Nearly 30 per cent of adults were victims of crime in the last year, while Māori, people with disabilities and those who are sexually diverse were more likely to be victims, according to new crime data. 

The Ministry of Justice survey also showed burglaries fell after the Covid-19 lockdown.

It compared data from 2018 to 2020, with 7425 New Zealanders over age 15 questioned about personal or household crime experienced in the last 12 months.  

The report also found that just two per cent of New Zealand adults experienced a third of all crime.



Stuff: Sexual assault and fraud most under-reported crimes, new research shows



NZ Herald: Crime and Victims Survey: 1.2m victims a year, but only a quarter bother going to police



Scoop: New Data Shows High Rates Of Violence Experienced By Disabled People



Stuff: The kids already know about porn, so it's time you spoke to them about it

It’s time to ignore the embarrassment and talk to the kids about not just sex... but porn.

And if you think you’ve got plenty of time as they’re too young to have seen it yet, chances are you’re wrong.

Sex and Relationship therapist Jo Robertson will be speaking at the Tautoko Mai Sexual Harm support event in Hamilton on Monday, a day-long event aimed at preventing sexual harm and harassment in the workplace.

Speaking ahead of the event, she told Stuff parents and caregivers need to be talking early and often to Kiwi kids about sex education to prevent them turning to porn for information.



NZ Herald: Netsafe campaign hopes to start conversations around young people sending naked photos

Sharing nude photos is part of everyday life for many young people - with research finding almost four in 10 teens know someone who has shared naked photos or videos.

That research, by internet safety organisation Netsafe, also found that three in 10 teens were aware of another young person who had received content they did not request.

And while sending naked images or videos is a reality for many youth, more needs to be done to help them understand the risks surrounding sending nudes, such as them being distributed in ways the sender didn't intend for.

Netsafe and the Classification Office of New Zealand have launched a new campaign, Bare Facts, to teach young people and their families about what happens to intimate images once they leave their phone and why consent is important.



1 News: About 5% of young Kiwis have shared naked image of themselves, new research finds



The Spinoff: Police alcohol advice amounts to victim blaming, say critics

While women push back against victim-blaming narratives, NZ Police promote outdated and harmful alcohol messaging. 

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RNZ: Tributes flow for Sir Ian Hassall, NZ's first Children's Commissioner

Tributes are rolling in after the death of Sir Ian Hassall, New Zealand's first Children's Commissioner.

Sir Ian died on Monday, age 79.

He was involved with many public-sector advisory groups, as well as helping to establish the Children's phone counselling service What's Up, and serving as a Trustee for the Kids Helpline Trust until 2008.

He contributed to the world's first major cot death study, oversaw the medical side of the Plunket Family Units, and established a Child Abuse Prevention Society in 1977.



RNZ: Sexual violence survivors cannot wait a year for help from ACC

Content warning: sexual violence

Opinion - Survivors of sexual violence are at a breaking point when they seek help from ACC, not a year later when ACC has time to assess their claim. That's how long some survivors are waiting to get seen to by ACC and access funded therapy, therapy that can be life saving.

Over two thirds of all sexual violence ACC claims do not make it through the system to reach therapist care. This is according to information obtained by RNZ and Green Party ACC spokesperson, Jan Logie, under the Official Information Act. Anusha Bradley first reported on the findings of this OIA in May, detailing that "almost half give up their claims for long-term support, with advocates saying it's because the process is too traumatic".



Scoop: New Inquiry: A Fair Start For All

Press Release: New Zealand Productivity Commission

The Government has asked the New Zealand Productivity Commission Te Kōmihana Whai Hua o Aotearoa to prepare the Terms of Reference for a new inquiry, aimed at finding ways to break the cycle of long-term disadvantage.

“The available evidence points to serious disadvantage in low-income families and whānau in New Zealand”, says Commission Chair, Ganesh Nana.

“Children growing up in these households begin their lives ‘behind the starting line’. They face the prospect of a lifetime of poverty and disadvantage that is difficult to escape.”

Persistent, inter-generational disadvantage represents lost opportunities (through economic and social exclusion) and significant loss of wellbeing for those involved and their communities. This lost potential flows through into substantial fiscal costs (such as welfare payments and health costs) and has implications for New Zealand’s productivity and economic potential.

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Stuff: Housemaster called police to report Lake Alice abusers but they continued to work in children's homes

He drove from Whanganui into Marton’s bucolic countryside in a Hillman Hunter car in 1973 to investigate concerning stories about boys at the Lake Alice Child and Adolescent Unit. What John Watson found exposed a dereliction of duty by state agencies spanning nearly 50 years. Aaron Smale reports.

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Stuff: Tortured boy turned to crime as he sought revenge for his ordeal

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RNZ: Lake Alice Psychiatric Hospital: Shock therapy like 'state organs of terror', inquiry told



RNZ: Discovery of children's graves in Canada, Ireland provides grim link to abuse inquiry in NZ

Warning: This story discusses graphic details of abuse, particularly of children.

Analysis - A number of dreadful discoveries recently unearthed a world away from New Zealand lead circuitously back to a dark chapter in this country's residential care history set to be publicly scrutinised over the coming fortnight.

In Auckland, former wards who spent time at the Lake Alice Child and Adolescent Unit will give evidence from today before the Abuse in Care Royal Commission of Inquiry.

Also scheduled to testify are experts and institutional witnesses, who will detail the residence's often harrowing style of group therapy sessions, solitary confinement, faradic shock treatment and blasts of electroconvulsive therapy administered without sedatives.



Stuff: NZR partnership addresses family and sexual violence

New Zealand Rugby is stepping up when it comes to family and sexual violence and doing more to protect players throughout all levels.

It’s partnered with an ACC-funded harm prevention programme to break the cycle of people not speaking up or asking for help.

NZR national harm prevention manager Eleanor Butterworth recently spoke at the Tautoko Mai Sexual Harm support event in Hamilton, aimed at preventing sexual harm and harassment in the workplace.

She said the programme covers a range of areas, for instance, from club level there is child protection work ensuring that kids are not harmed within rugby, but also they can respond if a child comes into rugby, and they’re harmed somewhere else.



Newshub: New Zealand woman fleeing domestic violence in Australia fighting to prevent children returned

A New Zealand woman is fighting against being forced to return to Australia where she fled domestic violence. 

The woman, who can't be named for legal reasons, left Australia with her New Zealand-born children last year, but now her former partner has accused her of abduction and wants the children returned under the Hague Convention.

The international agreement aims to make sure children who are taken overseas are sent back to the country they normally live in. 



RNZ: New research to focus on economic abuse between couples

Auckland University of Technology (AUT) has launched a new research project to tackle economic abuse between couples.

Economic abuse is a pattern of controlling behaviour where one person restricts the others access to money and financial decisions to maintain a level of power in the relationship.

It is a form of intimate partner violence, for which New Zealand has the highest rates of in the OECD.

AUT senior lecture Ayesha Scott - whose research touched on money and relationships - said there was no specific data around economic abuse.



Scoop: New Zealand Families Must Be Protected

Press Release: Make Lemonade

New Zealand is ranked the worst nation among OECD countries for domestic violence with one in three women estimated to have been a victim of violence in their lifetime.

Auckland tech company Jupl has been providing domestic violence protection solutions in Australia for the last two years, resulting in protecting and empowering hundreds of families as well as saving eight lives in the last six months.

Sadly, the legislation and funding programmes that enable solutions in Australia, do not exist in New Zealand, Jupl founder Sir Ray Avery says.

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Stuff: Bridget Simmonds had numerous fractures, pathologist tells murder jury

A jury considering the alleged murder of Whangārei woman Bridget Simmonds has been told of the numerous fractures found on her remains.

Simmonds, a 42-year-old mother-of-two, was the subject of a missing person's case for more than a year, after her family last saw her in February 2019. Her remains were found in July 2020.

Samuel Hemuera Pou​​, 58, is charged with murdering her between February 23 and 16 March, 2019. He denies the charge and is on trial at the High Court at Whangārei.

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Stuff: Elderly couple dies in suspected murder-suicide in Pukekohe

An elderly couple has been found dead in a suspected murder-suicide.

Police said in a brief statement they were called to south Auckland’s Pukekohe shortly after 3pm Wednesday, where they found two people dead at a home.

Stuff understands detectives are treating the deaths as a suspected murder-suicide.



NZ Herald: Recidivist sex offender pulled boy's pants down in public toilet before witness intervened

A recidivist sex offender pulled down the pants of an 8-year-old boy in a public toilet, a court has heard.

Stephen Edric Wilkinson, 53, had amassed seven convictions for indecencies across several incidents since 1997, Judge Emma Smith noted at the Dunedin District Court yesterday.

"You simply haven't been able to stop your need for sexual gratification with young children; you've sought them out for that purpose," she said.

Such was the seriousness of his repeated sex offences, the Crown had considered pursuing transferral of the file to the High Court to argue for a sentence of preventive detention (an indefinite jail term), prosecutor Chris Bernhardt said.



NZ Herald: Northland man sold girl, 15, for sex 'like a commodity', says judge

The man who offered a 15-year-old Northland girl to paying customers for sex planned to charge one "customer" a fishing rod and reel plus $100.

In sentencing the man, Justice Geoffrey Venning told him "you treated her body like a commodity to be sold ... for your own sexual pleasure" and "commercial gain".

The 36-year-old Far North man, who has name suppression, appeared in the High Court
at Whangārei on Tuesday to be sentenced on 21 charges, including indecent assault, sexual exploitation and unlawful sexual connection.



Stuff: Foster dad got drunk and abused duty of care, says crown

Two psychiatrists say an Oranga Tamariki caregiver was heavily under the influence of alcohol when he allegedly performed indecent acts on two girls in his care.

But those experts disagreed on if drunkenness, combined with a range of factors, meant the caregiver was in control of himself or not.

The caregiver is on trial in the Palmerston North District Court, accused of performing indecent acts on two girls in April 2019.

Stuff is not naming the man to ensure the girls cannot be identified.



Newshub: Wellington man indecently assaulted by former colleagues says he is 'devastated' after their convictions overturned

A Wellington man who had two former friends attempt to put a plastic spoon in his anus is devastated after the duo were discharged without conviction last month.

The man, who Newshub has decided not to name, passed out in a vehicle after a night of partying with his workmates in June 2019. While the man was unconscious, one of the two colleagues, a woman, pulled down his pants and underwear and made repeated attempts to put a plastic spoon in his anus. 

The second colleague, a man, encouraged the former to continue and filmed the incident on their phone. Both currently have name suppression.



Stuff: Girl allegedly abused by Oranga Tamariki caregiver finds pages ripped from diary

A girl allegedly abused by an Oranga Tamariki caregiver sobbed when recounting the events to a friend over the phone.

“I didn’t know what to do,” she said during the call, when trying to describe what had happened to her.

The call was played in the Palmerston North District Court on Tuesday during the trial of a man accused of performing indecent acts on two girls in April 2019.

Stuff has not named the man, who was a foster parent to the girls at the time, to ensure the girls cannot be identified.



NZ Herald: Concern after sex act video involving First XV players surfaces online

An explicit video shared on social media of two 1st XV rugby players engaged in a sexual act has come to the attention of police.

It stems from a celebration party involving 1st XV players from a South Island school after a win over a rival college.

During the alcohol-fuelled get-together at a private home, a sex act involving two boys was allegedly performed, the Herald understands.

The incident was filmed and shared on social media.


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