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Weekly Media Roundup

August 07, 2014 at 10:47 AM

Child-sex offender register gets go-ahead from the government:

The government is pushing ahead with a child sex-offender register, which could eventually be expanded to other sexual offenders.


You can also get a good summary of the issues from the NZFVC here...


ACC cover to extend to child victims of sexual grooming:

ACC Minister Judith Collins has announced an addition to the Objectionable and Indecency Legislation Bill that would extend ACC sensitive claims to cover chilldren or young people who are victims of sexual grooming or indecent communications.



Nothing Trivial about Rape Plot:

This one is for those of you who (like me) were fans of TVNZ programme 'Nothing Trivial'. The finale, which screened on Sunday, included a plot line uncomfortably close to the Roast Busters issue raised last year. The following review echoes my own concerns about the exceedingly poor way that this issue was represented in the programme, including the lack of consequences for the offenders, and the lack of attention given to the potentially serious impacts for the victim.  



Another violent death in West Auckland:

The death of Connor Morris after a violent altercation in Massey at the weekend has again left the west Auckland community shaken. Although the events that have occurred over the past 2 months are unrelated, the cumulative effects of a spate of violent deaths in such a short space of time on the wider community have been significant.  



Radio NZ Panel discussion with Linda Cooper:

Waitakere ward councillor Linda Cooper has spoken out today after another violent killing in her community

Click here to listen...


In other news:

Jailed over reign of terror...

Sex slaves declare freedom from evil man...

Zonta forms partnership with Sophie Elliot Foundation

Some inroads but domestic violence still a big problem

Family Violence rates soaring


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