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Weekly Media Roundup

May 11, 2017 at 5:38 PM

Child mistreatment should have been reported - Ministry

The Ministry of Education says it's concerned no other teachers spoke up after a daycare supervisor assaulted children in her care.

Lynn Abraham has been found guilty in the Auckland District court on ten of 11 charges including smacking, washing a 4-year-old's mouth out with soap, and forcing feeding children.

Three of her colleagues told the court they saw her assault the children over four years, however none of them told the authorities.


German jailed for threatening to kill girlfriend

A sobbing young Belgian woman has told a court she wonders if she's strong enough to face the future after her former boyfriend threatened to kill her and almost drove her off a road into a lake.

Jan Falke, 21, appeared in the High Court in Dunedin today after pleading guilty last month to five charges, including male assaults female, being an unlicensed driver and threatening to kill.

Justice Rachel Dunningham sentenced Falke to nine months in jail and he will be deported on his release.


Iwi Chairs call communities to speak out about child abuse

Iwi Chairs are calling on communities to pull together, speak out and address child abuse. The call is in relation to The Children, Young Persons, and Their Families (Oranga Tamariki) Legislation.

Iwi leaders are concerned with the alarming rates of child abuse.


Police meet with family of toddler found roaming Auckland street

Police have met with the family of a toddler who was found alone and crying on a street in South Auckland.

The 2-year-old girl was found by a member of the public who recorded the incident on her cell phone before uploading the footage to Facebook yesterday. A spokeswoman for the family, who only wanted to be known as the little girl's grandmother, said the child was now with her as her own daughter - the toddler's mother - was upset and dealing with the situation.


Warehouse staff praised for stopping alleged assault of girl

The Warehouse staff have been praised for stepping in and intervening while a girl was allegedly assaulted by two adults.

Jo Williams took to The Warehouse's Facebook page to thank staff from the Eastgate, Christchurch, branch for protecting the young girl.

She said that staff and members of the public showed great care and bravery despite the "intimidating" nature of the pair who allegedly assaulted the girl.


Waikato Women's Refuge saved her

Davina Te Uira Barton had her three-year-old on her hip when she walked to the motorway and stuck out her thumb.

It had been days of arguing and abuse. She was ready to leave him.

She doesn't go into detail about the abuse. She can't. Talking in detail about it can act like a trigger. 

She simply says, I survived.


Countdown: Why we’re taking a stand to support our transgender staff

On Monday, supermarket chain Countdown announced a new company-wide policy to support its workers who are transgender, and those who are transitioning. Corporate affairs GM James Walker explains what motivated the decision.


Countdown's transgender policy 'spectacular' step

A new policy supporting transgender staff members at one of New Zealand's biggest supermarket chains has been hailed as a "spectacular" step forward by LGBTQ advocates.

Countdown today announced its transgender transitioning policy, promising trans employees support over correct name and pronoun use, and the right to use whichever toilets and changing rooms matched their gender identity.


Woman called police twice before being stabbed

The police failed to act quickly enough to help a woman who was stabbed by her mentally ill son, despite her repeatedly calling 111, the Independent Police Conduct Authority says.

The woman survived the attack in Omapere, Northland, in 2015, and the authority has just released its report.


More land and houses means fewer affordable properties, academic says

More land and more houses does not mean more affordable homes, a University of Auckland academic says.

Elham Bahmanteymouri, a lecturer in urban economics, pins most of the blame for unaffordable housing on policies encouraging the supply of more land and houses.


Maureen Locke is forever haunted by watching her husband brutally murder her daughter

Marlene Locke is forever haunted by the terrifying moment she watched on helplessly as her husband brutally stabbed her daughter Sherelle and the 23-year-old's life ebbed away in front of her eyes.

Even now, with Raymond John Mead locked up in a Queensland prison for Sherelle's murder, Locke feels threatened by his vow to harm her.


Doctor tells of escape from stalker who stabbed her and poured petrol over her

Australian doctor Angela Jay was stabbed 11 times and doused in petrol inside her own home by an obsessed stalker she had dated briefly after meeting on Tinder.

In November 2016, Paul Lambert broke into Jay's home during the day, then waited for her to return to the house in Port Macquarie in northern coastal New South Wales.


Blue Whale Challenge: NZ police warn parents over 'suicide game' behind death of hundreds of teens overseas

New Zealand Police are warning parents about the dangers of a sick social media ''game'' that's said to be responsible for hundreds of teenage suicides in Russia.

The "Blue Whale challenge" encourages at-risk participants to take part in a series of tasks like cutting themselves every day for 50 days.

They are then instructed to kill themselves on the final day of the sick "challenge".


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