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Weekly Media Round up

July 29, 2016 at 11:15 AM

NGO Social Work Study Award scheme defunded:

The Ministry of Social Development will no longer fund the Social Work Study Awards from 2017. (Current recipients of Study Awards will still be supported.)

The Study Awards have sought to build the capability of people working in community-based social services, by assisting non-government organisation (NGO) employees to undertake part-time study for a degree level qualification in social work.



New Zealand experts warn Australia data-driven welfare 'abuses and brutalises':

New Zealand welfare experts have slammed the Australian government’s decision to copy their welfare system, saying the changes are unproven and are causing New Zealand’s most vulnerable to “check out” of any relationship with the state.

“In New Zealand our welfare system operates the same way as our prisons – it treats beneficiaries as a threat to society, to be policed and managed,” said Darrin Hodgetts, a professor of societal psychology at Massey University and an expert on poverty in New Zealand.



Faces of Innocents: Labour's Jacinda Ardern lays out what caring for our kids looks like:

Something's been missing amid the debate around our appalling child abuse statistics, writes Labour's Jacinda Ardern for the Faces of Innocents series.



Faces of Innocents: Do we need a special law for child killings?

There is a "strong case" for specifically tailored child homicide and abuse charges in New Zealand, a law professor says. Massey University deputy pro vice-chancellor Chris Gallavin made the comments in a live interview on Wednesday for the Faces of Innocents project.



Should New Zealand Police wear body cameras?

Police shootings are bound to arouse disquiet – more so when witnesses challenge assertions that the police had no choice but to fire. One such situation occurred in Hamilton recently when police carrying out a drug raid fatally shot garage owner Nic Marshall, 36. Marshall’s partner contradicted the police’s claim that he pointed a firearm at officers and refused to put it down despite several warnings.



Survey finds significant number of NZ women experience online harassment:

Cyber security software company Norton by Symantec has published a report about New Zealand women's experience of online harassment.

The report, Online Harassment: The New Zealand Woman’s Experience, summarises findings from an online survey of 536 women over age 18 conducted in February 2016. Respondent demographics and information on how the survey was conducted are not provided.



Waikato Women's Refuge opens its sixth safe house:

A new Te Whakaruruhau Waikato Women's Refuge safe house has opened, the sixth facility in Hamilton.

The project took just under two years to complete, and it will accommodate around 20-25 women and children in need.

Waikato companies, volunteers and the community have contributed time and materials to ensure the completion of the project.



John Walker appointed Principal Youth Court Judge:

A Wellington district court judge who has pushed for better access to information in family violence cases is the new Principal Youth Court Judge.

Judge John Walker's appointment follows former Principal Youth Court Judge Andrew Becroft taking up the role of Children's Commissioner.



Frontline social workers are nearly all female: Men need to step up:

Families eh?

"They f... you up etc"

You've no doubt read the famous Philip Larkin poem.

Sometimes, particularly in New Zealand it seems, they also kill you.

I probably don't need to remind you that Stuff has been trying to focus attention on children killed or murdered in New Zealand, mostly by their caregivers.

The Faces of Innocents project, which kicks off again on Monday, is about the very worst results of family neglect and maltreatment.



Faces of Innocents: CYF facing 'unfunded cost pressures' of millions, Government admits:

The national state carer is facing a $56m funding shortfall, as the Ministry of Social Development tries to cover a wider shortage of $200m. Stacey Kirk reports for the Faces of Innocents project

The Government has admitted the ministry was facing cost pressures of $362.4m over four years ahead of this year's budget. 

That appears to have reduced to $194.7m since Finance Minister Bill English delivered his May Budget, which included a $652m social investment package and $348m to overhaul Child, Youth and Family (CYF) and carry out current work.






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