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Waitematā Police: Children's Flexi Fund

April 16, 2021 at 2:13 PM

From Waitematā Police

I would like to thank you all for your feedback in relation to the Children’s Flexi Fund.

We have heard some of the challenges being experienced with regards to this fund – in particular:

  • The restrictions on the fund, to purchase services only, limiting the ability of districts to spend in a way that delivers outcomes
  • Whilst funding for goods or services could be sourced elsewhere, there are often requirements for families and whānau to pay back loans such as the Ministry of Social Development funds for school uniforms;
  • Difficulty in sourcing ‘services’ eg, a lack of services to refer to; and
  • Constraints on the ability to administer the forms.

An example provided to the PNHQ team related to the purchase of a school uniform that at first appearance did not appear to align to the intent of the fund; i.e. not for goods or clothing that could be sourced elsewhere. However a deep dive into the circumstances showed that the spend on the uniform was a mechanism to ensure the young person re-engaged in education and that financial stressors within the family were reduced, leading to better outcomes within a social wellbeing context.

In light of feedback and stories such as the one above we have reviewed the constraints on spend and made some adjustments:

Purchases can be made for ‘goods’ and/or ‘services’

  • Where the funding relates to goods or services, there must be reasonable enquiries made to ensure these cannot be secured via other funding streams. Please note what enquiries were made on the form (eg, “I spoke with xyz from the Ministry of Social Development on x date and this was not able to be funded”)
  • Where the funding relates to goods or services, please write how this will enhance the tamariki/rangitahi’s wellbeing in the “brief description” box (eg, “xyz has not been attending school because they do not have a uniform and the school won’t let them attend without one. With the purchase of this uniform, xyz will be able to attend school and have a safe place for the day”).

Applications can be made by a wide variety of people working with families and whānau (ie, not just Police/Police Employees) such as agencies and partners working with us through FSS / WNPH.

Click here to download the application form which must be used to access the fund. Please disregard any earlier versions.

We trust that this has addressed some of the most pertinent issues relating to the fund and we sincerely thank you in getting this implemented in a way that can continually improve.

Nga mihi



Inspector Kelly Farrant

Director: Whangāia Ngā Pā Harakeke

Waitematā Police District Headquarters

M  +64 21 191 4375]



Click here to download the application form

Click here to download the accompanying PowerPoint presentation

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