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Waitakere Ethnic Board Media Release

May 29, 2014 at 10:45 AM

Waitakere Ethnic Board has come out strongly on yet another domestic violence in ethnic communities. In a strongly-worded statement, President of WEB, Kudakwashe Tuwe said WEB condemns such evil acts and behaviours on our mothers, wives, daughters and sisters.

“Waitakere Ethnic Board strongly condemns this act of domestic violence and supports every initiative of relevant organisations which are raising awareness and developing processes to guarantee safety and practice of human rights for women suffering at the hands of domestic violence in our communities. This will only make our voices and actions stronger. We advocate for, respect, peace, love and tranquillity in our families,” Tuwe said.

He said WEB was deeply saddened by the tragic loss of Farhat Rana Malik and Sidra Malik, a Pakistani mother and daughter, where Rana’s ex-husband is in police custody charged with their murder. “On 19th May 2014, we received the tragic news of violent deaths suffered by two beautiful people in their family home at Ranui. Rana was a member of Waitakere Ethnic Board since its inception in 2000, “Tuwe added.

Former WEB President Rev. Amail Habib said Rana was actively involved in a number of volunteer organisations and was very popular within the communities she was attached to. “She was a very talented individual who was an ideal example of a woman who strived to excel in both her family life as well as career life. She was a devout Muslim lady with a positive attitude towards life which gave her the strength to face her personal challenges on a daily basis, “Rev Habib said.
A family friend and another former President of WEB, Anne Pala, who knew them for over a decade, was saddened and said that individuals need to speak out and seek help, especially in culturally-sanctioned abuse and violence in ethnic communities. “The onus lies on us that we as a community could not prevent this tragedy from taking place. This tragedy will resonate with us for a long time which has engulfed all of us in it,” said anti- violence campaigner, Pala.

President of WEB, Tuwe, who attended their funeral with Vice President Boaz Habib and others from WEB, requested all its members and readers to be supportive of one another in an environment of raging emotions and unanswered questions.

“The funeral was very sad and touching indeed. Just a kind reminder to all of us men - we need to treat our wives, mothers, sisters and daughters in a dignified way as we expect them to treat us. I am shocked that a husband can do such evil to his lovely wife and worse still, to his own daughter “Tuwe said.

WEB passes it deepest condolences to Rana's surviving daughter, son, grandchildren and son-in-law.
Tuwe said together we needed to take a collective stand against domestic violence in our communities.

“I personally urge any people you suspect of being potential victims, please raise your concerns and seek help to avoid adding to such unfortunate statistics,” WEB President Kudakwashe Tuwe said.

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