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Trauma, Dissociation and PSI Training 2016

July 29, 2016 at 10:30 AM

Upcoming Trauma, Dissociation and PSI Training 2016


Dear colleagues,

Back by popular demand (with actual flyers and reg information this time) is the Complex Trauma and Dissociation training offered through Auckland Sexual Abuse HELP, which will be followed by PSI Seminar 1, offered for the first time in a Weekend format. Many of you, especially those of you far away from Auckland, have asked me to do PSI Seminar in two weekends rather than fortnightly over the course of 5 months, so I've organised this with you in mind (see flyer and rego forms attached). For those of you that have taken PSI 1 and would like to continue to practice and get supervision, PSI 2 is also coming up soon in monthly rather than fortnightly format (see flyer and rego form attached for this as well).


The Complex Trauma and Dissociation workshops are both prerequisite to PSI Seminar - so especially for those of you interested in the more advanced training, here's a chance to refresh and review or take one or both of the prerequisites for the first time in October before the PSI Seminar Weekends begin in November and December.  


Please send your details and requests for Complex Trauma and Dissociation to and/or fill out the attached reg form for PSI Seminar 1 and or 2 and post/email back to me as soon as possible so you can get your payments in before the early bird deadlines.


Trainings coming up in late 2016:


Working Somatically with Complex Trauma: Auckland Sexual Abuse Help, Friday 14 October 


Understanding and Working with Dissociation: Auckland Sexual Abuse Help, Saturday 15 October


PSI Seminar 1 Weekends: PSI Institute, Two Saturdays and Sundays 9-3, 12&13 November; 3&4 December


PSI Seminar 2: Meets monthly on Wednesday from 10AM - 2:30PM (with a break for lunch) for ongoing monthly practice and supervision beginning 3 August 2016 (paid two months in advance). Usually will meet 1st Wednesday of the month except during school holidays when it will be rescheduled.


Hope to see you later this year,


All the best,



Judy Lightstone, PhD, NZ Registered Psychologist
Auckland PSI Institute
Phone: (027) 657 2106


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