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The Broken Paige Walker

July 17, 2013 at 2:13 PM

The Broken Road: A Mother’s Journey by Paige Walker

is a moving story of a mother's strength and courage to overcome betrayal, anger and trauma from the sexual abuse of her daughter at the hands of her best friend’s husband. Its an emotional journey the reader take with her on the need to seek revenge and justice but instead found acceptance and forgiveness of her daughter's perpetrator as the door to her healing from Abuse.

Child Sexual Abuse is becoming a worldwide epidemic,  and right here in New Zealand. Paige Walker is currently advocating on behalf of mothers highlighting the affects of Child Sexual Abuse. Come and meet Paige at the next WAVES Interagency Meeting Tuesday 6 August 2013 10am. You can borrow The Broken Road which Paige has kindly donated to the WAVES Library.

The Broken Road: A Mother’s Journey by Paige Walker


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