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Term 2 at Waitakere Women's Centre

April 22, 2016 at 9:13 AM

Term 2 at Waitakere Women's Centre

We are excited to present to you the following courses and programmes. Contact the centre for further information. We are open from 9am to 2pm Monday to Friday (Except Public Holidays)


The Journey of the Butterfly 
Supporting Women to Break the Cycle of Violence (6 weeks)  

Starts Monday 2nd May 10am to Midday  at the Centre

What the course covers:

  • Understanding family violence
  • Naming the abuse
  • Healthy & unhealthy relationships
  • Controlling tactics and how to respond
  • Why women stay in violent relationships
  • Impact of family violence on children
  • Boundaries
  • Creating a new ‘landscape’ for self and children, rediscover self
  • Build support networks and not feel alone
  • Self-care

M.O.V.E - Motivation, Opportunity, Voice.  Empowerment

(4 Weeks  Fun and informative).  Starts Friday 6th May 11am to 1pm at the Centre

What the course covers:

  • Strategies to manage anxiety and depression
  • Develop a wellness recovery plan around anxiety & depression

Iceberg -
Understanding and Managing your Anger

(6 Weeks)  Starts Wednesday 4th May 10am to Midday at the Centre

What the course covers:

  • What is Anger? Is it normal?
  • What is underneath our anger?
  • Styles of anger
  • Anger payoffs
  • Dealing with ours and others’ anger
  • Expressing anger assertively
  • Strategies to manage anger and have different outcomes
  • Self-care

Click our page Learn, Love, Laugh page for Holistic Courses.
Personal Development  6 Weeks covering all things YOU.​  Starts Monday 12:30 to 2pm at the centre
Every week are new modalities, like Art Therapy, Journaling etc


Holistic Massage 
By Appointment only.  Pricing scale from $20 to $50

Creative Writing Workshop  5th May Thursday from 10am to  Midday Gol
A small charge for materials may be required


Friendship Group

12.30 to 1:.30 Wednesday during School term.  
​Fun topics each week.

Tai Chi  Tuesday 3rd May from 10am to 11:30  Gold Coin

Yoga  Friday 6th May from 9:30 to 10:30    Gold Coin

Learn, Love, Laugh workshop  $100 for day workshop.  
Saturday 10am to 2pm.  One day workshop
​Are you Stuck? In a Rut?
Looking for direction?
Or are changes happening around you that are overwhelming you.
Work, relationships or life just getting you down?  
This  workshop will inspire, motivate and guide you into where you passion is.

Where there is change there is opportunity.
For business owners. 

Are you going through restructure and have staff who are worried about their future. Change can be positive. Talk to Us and we can facilitate change at your business. 
Unwaged? talk to us about this rat. 

There are several options to Register:
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