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Protection Order breach on the rise

August 28, 2013 at 11:09 AM

Convictions for breaches of court-ordered and police imposed orders increased by 10 % in the last 5 years. It totalled nearly 1900 in 2012. Offenders text, stalk or cyberbully their victims, and can get a maximum sentence of 2 years for breach. This will go up to 3 years under the family court reforms.

Refuges report on the women's burdens of attending court repeatedly to enforce protection orders. These increased by 14 % in the past 5 years and women and their children carry the burdens whilst themselves struggling with multiple issues and struggles on top of the abuse.

It would help them, refuges, service providers and the court system if Ruth Busch's suggestion to impose cumulative sentences for every breach.

"If I breach once, or I breach 13 times, they will sentence concurrently, so the next 12 times after my breach is just a freebie'. Ms Busch explained  this does not deter a perpetrator.

You can read the news article here and an editorial here.

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