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Policy Watch Newsletter

February 18, 2016 at 4:58 PM

Policy Watch Newsletter

The latest Policy Watch newsletter is now available. Policy Watch is a current awareness e-news compiled regularly by NZCCSS. It provides a tool for keeping track of emerging issues, policy developments and other relevant news snippets and links.

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In this issue:

For this edition, we reflect on the 176th commemoration of the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and the events across the country to celebrate and debate this historic event that continues to shape Aotearoa today.
And what better way to start off the year than to read The Report of Matiki Mai Aotearoa: Independent Working Group on Constitutional Transformation.  
The Working Group sought advice on types of constitutionalism based upon He Whakaputanga and Te Tiriti and undertook significant consultation with Maori between 2012-2015 that went to the heart of some complex (historical) issues.
The result is a rich document of viewpoints translated by the Working Group into 'Constitutional possibilities' that make genuine steps to bring together the worldviews of New Zealand Maori and Pakeha - A must read for 2016!

Meals on wheels in the spotlight -  There's trouble at mill down in Dunedin with nearly a fifth of Dunedin meals on wheels recipients cancelling their service in the last couple of weeks after Compass, the company operating the service changed the way it is supplying the meals to trucking in frozen meals from the North Island. As Professor of Human Nutrition Professor Winsome Parnell pointed out, the attempt by the DHB to save nearly $7 million over the next 15 years could backfire on the DHB if vulnerable older people do not get proper meals and end up in hospital or requiring further support or medical treatment.

Wellington Homeless Women's Trust filling a gap (WHWT) - The work of WHWT represents the innovative face of the not-for-profit sector. Spotting a gap in the system for single homeless women who are often escaping violence in the home, the WHWT stepped in and has demonstrated remarkable results. Alas, the funding and service delivery machine is not responding quickly enough to support this critical work in Wellington.

The 2015 Valuation of the Benefit System for Working-age Adults - This report is out and it seems $12 billion tax payers dollars have been saved over four years in welfare payments and the welfare reforms are at the centre of this achievement. An annual actuarial valuations of the lifetime cost of working-age beneficiaries seems to be the evaluation tool to measure outcomes. For some it's a very big stretch to understand why human frailty and capability are talked about in terms of financial liability and a cost to the public purse. A loss of human empathy and compassion for the ‘least of these’ is the liability most at risk when applying an actuarial approach. It is time to change our language.

Release of the Living Wage Rate Pay - The Living Wage Movement is hosting its first national event with the Release of the Living Wage Rate 2016 on 29 February.Two events will mark this occasion: The national launch will be taking place in Wellington 3-4.30pm at Pivotal Thames printing company which is a new Living Wage employer in Martin Square. There is also an Auckland event at 6pm at the Manukau Rugby League Club, Moyle Park, Mangere. This is an opportunity to be part of launching the 2016 campaign for a Living Wage in our South Auckland community.


Valuing People Living Well Conference –  Remember to put the 12-13th May 2016 in your dairy to attend NZCCSS’ conference. There are some great speakers scheduled including Professor Peter Gluckman. Keep an eye out for updates on conference preparations.


Residential Tenancies Amenndment Bill - NZCCSS has submitted on the Bill and the key message of the submission is that the proposed changes are disappointing, not likely to achieve the desired result, and ignore the wealth of evidence from research that demonstrates that social, health and economic benefits of higher standards are well above the initial costs.

Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 - To help Church groups and organisations understand the new law and their responsibilities under this new legislation, the InterChurch Bureau is arranging a series of interdenominational workshops.


There are a raft of workshops and courses to kick start the New Year.

Dr Karl Tomm on Alternative Ethical Postures that Therapists Can Adopt in Clinical Decision Making and Deconstructing Shame and Guilt, and Opening Space for Apology

Follow up Workshop - The Community and Voluntary Sector Research Centre is holding a workshop with Rachael Trotman on 16th and 17th February 11.00am which follows o from their recent webinar - How to amaze  your funder with watertight evidence.

Postgraduate Study in Preventing Violence and Creating Trauma Recovery

Creating Transformative Change in Practice and Organisations -


Working with families: strength-based approach - A new book by Jackie Sanders and Robyn Munford that is written for the student of social and community work, and the practising social and community worker in mind.