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Online Warriors of Peace

October 15, 2014 at 3:19 PM

Self mastery and conflict resolution for children is now available online through the new Warrior Kids Video series. The short videos follow the Warrior Kids programme teaching children peaceful self protection, assertiveness, emotional awareness, self management, communication skills, and confidence; and it is all taught through fun and games by founder Master Tim Tipene.


'Warrior Kids empowers children and teaches them how to solve their problems constructively,' says Master Tim who is also an award winning author. 'Warrior Kids is winning without the use of violence, and winning without causing defeat.'


The Warrior Kids video series has been launched to celebrate 20 years of Warrior Kids. Master Tim started Warrior Kids in 1994 and has run the programme in schools and communities, changing the lives of thousands of children and their families.


'Much of our lives are plagued with violence with it being touted as the solution for the worlds problems,' says Master Tim. 'Violence drives much of the media, it is a driving force in the entertainment sector and family violence continues to destroy the hopes and aspirations of so many children in New Zealand. Warrior Kids offers an alternative.'


Master Tim says that the video series now makes Warrior Kids more accessible and will help to meet the ever increasing demand for his programme.


'The Warrior Kids videos are a great resource for children, parents and families, and for teachers, schools and community organisations. Now, no matter where they are in the world, all kids can be Warrior Kids.'


The Warrior Kids video series can be found at with a new 5 minute video going up every Sunday.


Tim Tipene can be contacted by phone (09) 833 9408 or 021 525 450

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