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NZ Human Rights National Plan of Action

July 10, 2015 at 8:47 AM

New Zealand’s Human Rights National Plan of Action (NPA) is now live on the Human Rights Commission website. The website address is (www is not required, simply type the address into your web browser).


The NPA makes accessible and visible to anyone the actions our government is taking in response to New Zealand’s second Universal Periodic Review (overview of process attached). This is the first NPA in the world to be published in this way; as an interactive, online tool which is easily updateable and which provides a powerful evidence-based tool for government agencies and civil society to monitor, report and advocate on our progress in terms of improving human rights for all New Zealanders. All the actions in the NPA have been provided by government agencies themselves.


A living document, the NPA can be updated as new information on government actions are made available.  While the NPA is not a panacea to solve all human rights challenges facing New Zealand: it is the online version of an ongoing conversation we all should be having – What human rights issues are important to us?  Where are we failing? Where are we succeeding? How can we do better?