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New report on access to services for male survivors of sexual violence

March 24, 2023 at 11:04 AM

From the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse -

MSD commissioned research into the help seeking experience of male survivors of sexual violence and abuse.

Report on the experience of male survivors of sexual violence

The report, Male survivors of sexual violence and abuse (SVA): Barriers and facilitators to reporting and accessing services (2023), summarises findings from research about the experiences of male survivors of sexual violence in reporting and accessing help. The research involved interviews with 52 male survivors including survivors who had experienced SVA in childhood and adulthood, and perpetrated by familial and non-familial individuals. As marginalised groups of men are over-represented in male survivor statistics, the researchers set out to include a diverse range of male survivors. The research also includes findings from an online survey of 13 service providers.

The report includes a brief review of the literature, highlighting the increasing amount of international statistics and research that has demonstrated a significant number of men experience SVA across the lifespan, leading to difficulties for men, their families, and communities. 

The research provides an overview about the help seeking journey for male survivors in relation to disclosing, reporting and accessing services. For the research, disclosure was defined as telling someone who cannot initiate a formal process in response to the SVA and reporting was defined as telling professionals working in entities that could provide a formal action, such as police, ACC, teachers or the Royal Commission.

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