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Launched: the What Works website plus FREE Webinar

December 02, 2015 at 11:17 AM

Launched: the What Works website

Launched last week by Community Research, the What Works website is a brand new, NGO-friendly website packed with tools, case studies and resources to help your evidence your results.

The What Works website will help you to:

  • develop an outcomes framework
  • select tools that will help you gather real data
  • hear about the experiences of the groups who use these tools in New Zealand
  • evidence your effectiveness and results
  • survive in an increasingly competitive funding environment

Content Developers Manu Caddie and Rachael Trotman provide the essential resources for cash-strapped, time-poor NGOs and Māori providers, under pressure to produce evidence of real results.

Take another step on your journey to being a learning organisation; one that supports creativity, risk-taking and genuine enquiry.


Webinar: How to Amaze Your Funders! 

A live Webinar - 'How to Amaze Your Funders with Watertight Evidence'

Tuesday 9th February 11.00am.  Manu Caddie and Rachael Trotman present a live, interactive 45-minute ‘seminar at your desk’ on Google Hangouts on Air.  Places are free of charge.  

  • Hear about the most popular evaluation tools and approaches
  • Hear the 'real life' experiences of the Aotearoa groups who use these tools 
  • Help select the right tools for you
  • Take a tour of the What Works website
  • Find out how to book a place in a free online workshop with Rachael Trotman (professional evaluator) - 16th or 17th February 11.00am.

Join us for the first of the Community Research Summer Series Webinars 2016.