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IPCA finds failings in Police handling of deceased Ashlee Edwards complaints of PO breaches

January 15, 2014 at 1:03 PM

The Independent Police Complaints Authority report on Ashlee Edwards death in 2013 highlighted the failings in how the Whangarei Police and the Northland Police mismanaged Ms Edwards complaints.

Her former partner Jimmy Akuhata was served with Protection Orders in 2010. She complained of breaches of these Orders twice in May 2012 and died in July 2012 from attacks by Akuhata.

Akuhata was not charged but was released on both complaints despite these having more than sufficient evidence to charge him on the Domestic Violence Act 1995.

The laxity in police handling of Ms Edwards complaints and the lack of police training in handling domestic violence complaints at front desk is well covered in the IPCA report.

You can read the IPCA report here

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