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Insight into sleeping rough - Report

February 26, 2015 at 10:18 AM

There is little research into the lives of those who sleep rough on the streets of central Auckland.  To further our understanding, we spoke to people with lived experience of rough sleeping - people  who currently sleep rough, people who formerly  slept rough and family members of those who  sleep rough. We also spoke with those who may  be impacted by people sleeping rough – businesses and the general public. 

Of particular note is the fact that many people interviewed for this project cited issues of family violence as being significant contributing factors in their decision to leave home and sleep rough. This raises important questions about the notion of sleeping rough as a "choice" even when it may be articulated in this way by some of the people we interact with. 

The report is not intended as a final and definitive statement of the experiences of those sleeping rough in central Auckland. Rather, we see it as a starting point for service agencies, policy makers and the wider community to begin thinking and talking about how to better respond to the needs  of those who sleep rough in central Auckland. 


You can read the report here.

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