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Fourth Round of CIR Open

October 30, 2014 at 11:21 AM

The fourth round of the Capability Investment Resource (CIR4) will open for applications between 24 November 2014 and 30 January 2015.

The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) is intending to release the CIR4 Guidelines for Applicants in early October. They will then release the application forms in early November, ahead of the opening date for the fund.

MSD will be offering a series of half-day workshop presentations for for providers that are considering applying to CIR4 and for capability mentors in October/early November. The dates for these have now been set - for further information, contact MSD.

The MSD website says:

"It has always been signalled that, over time, the focus of the CIR would shift towards supporting co-operative, joined-up activity and new ways of working together. This recognises that broader, sustainable social development comes from improving cross-sector co-ordination and collective vision.

Aligned with this direction, our strategy for guiding the overarching Organisational Capability Framework (the Framework) has reconfirmed the key priority areas upon which we need to concentrate as we move forward in implementing the CIR:

  • NGO collaboration – involving building strong relationships with existing and new partners, and initiating shared and joined-up activity, particularly around fresh and innovative approaches to service development and delivery
  • the development of learning organisations – involving building a sustainable 'culture' of continuous improvement, supported by NGO peer support, mentoring, sharing of knowledge and experience, and joined-up problem solving"

For further information, see the Ministry of Social Development website.


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