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Faith Communities' stand against family violence

February 13, 2013 at 1:59 PM

Emailed to the FV networks from Sheryl Hann, of “It's not OK” family violence prevention campaign:

"Late last year the Children’s Commissioner worked with 40 leaders from a range of faith communities in NZ to come to an agreement on preventing family violence.

They issued a joint statement to say that family violence is completely unacceptable and is never justified.  They all undertook to take a stand and address family violence    (see the attached statements: 

1. National Statement_Communities against Violence_HCNZ_14June2012  

2. Faith Communities Against Violence National Statement ). 

They also agreed to:

  • Refuse to tolerate violence within our families or communities or turn a blind eye to it.
  • Strive to provide places of safety and nurture for the children and families of our community.
  • Encourage our communities to report family violence, hold perpetrators accountable and provide support for victims.
  • Ensure that our staff are trained to respond safely to family violence and are well supported with appropriate policies and resources.
  • Partner with community organisations to ensure that families experiencing violence are referred appropriately and we will advocate with government for policies and resources to address family violence

We sent a list of the all the family violence networks to the faith leaders, so some of them may contact you directly as they start to plan work within their faith communities to address and prevent violence.

However, you may also want to be proactive, and approach faith leaders in your community about working together. If you would like ideas, resources or support around doing this, please get in touch.   

All the best


Sheryl Hann
Senior Service Development Analyst

“It's not OK” family violence prevention campaign
phone: 04 916 3452 cell phone: 029 650 1296

Family and Community Services
Ministry of Social Development, PO Box 1556,  Wellington

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