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Changes to Family Court BIll

April 29, 2013 at 1:33 PM

Modifications to the proposed Family Court reforms have been announced ... Proposed changes are to:

• provide up to four hours of legal support for parents who meet the legal aid threshold prior to court
• provide up to three hours of preparatory counselling to help parents make the most of Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)
• enable a judge to refer parties back to FDR or the Parenting through Separation course if it is likely to help resolve the case, and
• enable lawyers to participate earlier in the court process, at the judge’s discretion, if it would increase the chances of a successful resolution.

Read the full article here.

But Women's Refuge remains concerned that the Minister has made no mention of the Bill's repeal of the so-called 'Bristol' clauses, read more here.

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