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Working with Victims & Offenders of Domestic Violence in Multiple Settings

July 24, 2020 at 1:47 PM

From the NZFVC


3 - 4 September 2020


Shine, Ground Floor, 409 New North Rd, Kingsland, Auckland




From $235 (Early bird rates close two weeks before training day)

The complexity of risk and safety shapes work with victims and offenders of domestic violence in multiple settings.

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This training addresses risk, culture, assumptions, and institutional impacts to help practitioners to partner more effectively with others to work towards victim safety and offender accountability. Victim/survivors need support for autonomy; many offenders can be engaged in a change process and be held accountable. Dismantling the misconceptions we have about victims' and offenders' day-to-day lives enables more effective work across disciplines to prevent domestic violence.

Prerequisite: Shine's Introductory 1 Day Training: Responding Effectively to Victims of Domestic Violence. If you have attended equivalent training, please contact Shine to discuss.

Topics covered include:

  • Theory-based understanding of the context of domestic violence
  • Intervention with offenders and risk reduction
  • Dynamics of gender, culture, in LGBTQ domestic violence (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer)
  • Domestic violence in different cultural settings
  • Domestic violence and people with disabilities
  • Assessing risk to adult and child victims, and how it informs safety planning
  • Impact of children living with domestic violence
  • Developing and maintaining safe practice
  • Addressing the impact of social media on safety and autonomy


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