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Working together to achieve whānau wellbeing in Waitematā

December 08, 2016 at 4:44 PM

*From the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse*

A project exploring how to increase community-led primary prevention of family and sexual violence has been carried out in Waitematā, Auckland. The project was a collaboration between the Waitākere, North Shore and Rodney family violence networks, central government and local government. The project used a co-design approach. It took a strengths-based approach and specifically focused on the factors that protect against violence.

The project report, executive summary, model, project process and protective factors cards are available from the Clearinghouse library.

The project's aims were:

1. To prototype how primary prevention of family and sexual violence methods could be taken up by Waitematā communities

2. To understand our roles in enabling and supporting community-led primary prevention of family and sexual violence

3. To demonstrate working together across community, local and central government to support the primary prevention of family and sexual violence.

The project developed protective factor cards, a workshop, a model that shows what community-led primary prevention can look like, and personas that bring the model to life and demonstrate different roles in community-led primary prevention.

Recommendations highlight five key areas of focus: a common agenda, leadership, support for further community-led family and sexual violence primary prevention, funding and communities of practice.

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