White Ribbon Newsletter

March 10, 2016 at 3:03 PM

White Ribbon Newsletter

The March Newsletter from the White Ribbon Trust is out now.

Dear White Ribbon Supporter thank you for helping White Ribbon in 2015

Last year during White Ribbon month, hundreds of events were organised, hundreds of thousands of White Ribbons and collateral were distributed, and with your help, we began a nationwide discussion about 'Respectful Relationships' and  'consent'.

New Zealand has a terrible issues with violence and we must all increase our efforts to combat this significant issue. White Ribbon is just one player helping to contribute to the solution which requires many players from Government right through to our communities.

Although most men treat women with respect, the biggest cause of violence is the belief that men have more rights and power than women. We want to challange these, because violence against women is not just about men's anger. That's just too simplistic. Here's a few highlights from the 2015 campaign.

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