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Weekly Media Roundup

February 09, 2017 at 5:14 PM

Trauma layered upon trauma: the fight to turn the tide in Māori youth suicide

Māori youth suicide rates are among the highest in the world. Some of the most affected rangatahi and their families talk to Jessica McAllen, while those at the grassroots striving to tackle the problem explain what they’re up to, and the obstacles they confront.


Hundreds of Waikato children linked to protection order applications

Six hundred Waikato children were attached to protection order applications made in the space of a year.

The number is inching up, too - that's almost 170 more kids than in the preceding financial year.

A family lawyer says the orders make a difference but aren't a "bullet-proof vest", though an advocate for women affected by domestic violence says she's not a fan.


Willie Jackson apologises again for 'Roast Busters' interview

New Labour candidate Willie Jackson has responded to criticism from sexual violence campaigners by apologising again for the "Roast Busters" interview he conducted on Radio Live three years ago.

And he said his critics may be unaware of the work the Manukau Urban Maori Authority (MUMA), which he heads, was doing in the area of violence against women.


Funding boost for family violence programme

A Christchurch family violence pilot programme will receive a $680,000 boost from the government to continue its work.

The Integrated Safety Response pilot brings organisations including the police, Child Youth and Family and Corrections together to change the way they respond to domestic violence.

It does this by monitoring domestic violence cases, and attending high-risk prison releases in Christchurch.


Govt moves to wipe historical homosexual convictions

Historical homosexual convictions will be eligible to be wiped, under a new scheme announced by the government today.

The Homosexual Law Reform Act 1986 decriminalised consensual sex between men aged 16 and over, but convictions for those offences remained on record and can appear in criminal history checks.

Justice Minister Amy Adams said she "acknowledged the pain" that those New Zealanders had lived with, and hoped the new scheme would go some way toward addressing it.


Men were invited to her house for rape

It is 10pm on a Thursday, early October, 2015, when Robyn Night's phone rings.

Night - from Queensland, Australia - has spent a week on tenterhooks, anxiously waiting for the call to find out who had turned her past four years into a living hell. Waiting to unmask the man who posed as her online, creating profiles that would invite dozens of random men to her family home for sex, and even rape.


Housing, poverty and prisons blow NZ 'off track' - Sallies

New Zealand is heading "off the track" on housing, child poverty and imprisonment despite dramatic gains on some other social indicators, a new report says.

The Salvation Army's annual "state of the nation" report says youth offending and teen pregnancy have more than halved, jobs and real wages are rising, alcohol consumption and drink-driving are falling, and welfare rolls are the lowest since 2007.

But it says homelessness "unseen in more than a generation", persistent child poverty and a record imprisonment rate point to the country "heading off the track".


No logic to more police, prison beds - Salvation Army

There's no logic to increasing police numbers and building more prisons because there's no evidence to suggest crime is actually on the rise, the Salvation Army says.

In its latest State of the Nation report, Off the Track, the Salvation Army said the prison population was expected to hit a record high of 10,000 inmates this year. That was despite the fact overall crime rates had remained much the same.


Treat Her Right: How failing to fix the gender pay gap is hurting us all

New Zealand has had legally-mandated equal pay for women since 1972 but, as the newTreat Her Right campaign makes clear, we still have far to go to reach true pay equality. Dr Jess Berentson-Shaw explains why the economic imbalance between genders is about a lot more than just equal pay for equal work.


Man gave up job after assaulting partner

A 73-year-old man said it would have been inappropriate to continue with his job after committing a domestic violence offence. Victor Sollum Mackey pleaded guilty to assault with intent to injure. He was sentenced to three months home detention, the curfew being from 7pm to 7am. Judge Warren Cathcart said the offence was serious and involved strangulation.


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