Weekly Media Roundup

January 22, 2015 at 10:42 AM

Bruises as a fashion accessory?

Bruises are in vogue and we're not just talking the celebrity back cupping craze. At the recent London menswear collections, Chinese designer Shangguan Zhe sent models down the runway with faux bruises, black eyes and gashes, making it look as though a punch up had broken out backstage.



Govt acting on family violence:

The first anniversary of the murder of Dunedin siblings Bradley and Ellen Livingstone comes as the Government makes reducing family violence a priority.



Auckland homelessness: rough sleeper tally doubles:

The number of people sleeping rough in Auckland's streets and parks has more than doubled as the city's housing crisis deepens.

A City Mission count on October 19 last year found 147 people sleeping rough within a 3km radius of the Sky Tower - up 116 per cent from a count of 68 in 2013.

Although most were men, the count found a dramatic increase in women sleeping rough - up from just seven in 2012 to 31 this time, or 21 per cent of the total.




Catriona McLennan: Benefit debt punishment out of all proportion to crime:

Why are we burdening some of the poorest mothers in the country with lifetime debts while writing off the tax debts of some of our richest citizens?



Methamphetamine fuels domestic assaults:

Women's refuges are reporting a spike in calls and are bracing for even more in the New Year after a quiet Christmas.


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